Baby It’s You

The format is a lit dif because the post is from Apr2016. A blast from the past. Enjoy.


Who would of thought that you’re in love with yourself when you’re romantically involved with another person. Yet this is true, “Baby it’s you”.
When you meet with that individual, instinctively you know.
You know what?
Let’s be honest, okay, throw your pride out the window and listen to the bare facts, the truth; You know that this will be one who will consent to play the wild, mad romp of romantic love with you. Yes, and play it is, for better or worst, and both those ingredients, are provided by the players, guaranteed.
Of course this one (the eyes consent with) meets your ascetic requirements; Appealing, pleasant to look at, etc..
Your attraction to this individual has more to do, take you by the hand, than just sexual attraction…
Remarkably, as contradicting as it appears to those of us who believe, need the cover of “Romanticism”; The dance of…

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Duality In The Romantic Breakup

This discussion is so fundamental you might say; “Humpf, why is he discussing this in this manner? We all know this, he’s not saying anything new, nothing we don’t already know, humpf…eh?”

Why you loudmouth twerp…wait a sec, I am arguing with myself, and that’s a duality, um? Oh well…

But let’s continue, eh? Sometimes I get out of bed with all these counterparts running around in the bat’s belfry.

Simply; I wish to point out a mechanism which occurs as we deal when faced with a romantic breakup. This has occurred, yes to some.

Options. When we are the ones who wanted the relationship to continue as it was, no rocking of the boat. We are comfortable with the continuance. Naturally, we are faced with what we see as a disavowal of the pledge of love, a breaking up of the compact sealed with amorous hugs and kisses, and romantic memories. In some cases; Children. Yes.

Of course, what we have built is a citadel in part of what we took for granted to be aligned with our Identification with Self. We don’t want that to be deconstructed. We’re not quite finished with it. How rude, eh? This is the reality, this thing knocking down the door barging in. The proverbial wakeup call. Unconsciously perhaps we failed another ideal, that of our mate. 

These things we make, idyllic citadels are all ingrained unrealities, mere things which we carry with us in our knapsacks as we exit the door, like a child on a morning having forgotten to brush our teeth heading out to the first day of school (the first day of “Life”, the journey, the mystery). Outfitted world items, supplied by the consensus (indoctrination). But then, oh how it hurts when these are disassembled, torn down. 

At stake is the Psyche. I, me, self; Identity (a thing so precious, essential)

As I breathe. As I breathe in truth.

At moments like that (breakup, disassembling) we are poised on the edge of Duality. We, those who are not strong enough, become pawns of Duality. Victims.


We do things, react with emotional deeds which are intended to “Get the proverbial rise out of the old mate”

The things we do are, in our minds at the time, deeds which we swear, conclude are those of despisement, of hate, “Eh, see, I too don’t love, eh?” (Now, this will get them, wake them up to “Reality”???).

But it never was a reality.

It was just a bid of the Psyche, as is all else we engage in to but keep the Innate Void at bay.

And so, this striking out in anger, paradoxically, in heartfelt irony is too a stance for emotion, a telltale avowal of the child within our breast’s compact with trusting whimsy, chaos, all that is out there which complies with the construction of the Illusion of Life we have built.  

Our poor and beleaguered Psyche.

Which at the point in life that it intuited the Innate Void never could nor would truthfully buy into this fabrication of Reality, of Truth we did build. 

And so it worked frantically at erecting negotiable substances of Fiction. “Life”.

Emotion then is to blame. To blame for this Duality our Psyche fearfully has constructed. Mere counterparts and preferential.

Today’s unrequited lesson has been that of two denials; One in the field of reacting, responding to hurt, push to shove. How our stance is that of confession, admission when we attempt to go as a countering act instead.

The second denial is that of the foundational truth; We are a flawed creation abandoned by choice, left to our own devices (this truth, this reality) which are unmagnificent, though we don’t see them for what they are.

This is the Biblical Psychology, different from man’s which is born out of the impacted Psyche (Void Impacted) so that it must erect all within its creative process to deny Truth.

The Gospel of Christ is the True Story. 

That Void Innate which impacts, as it is, our Psyche to follow and erect more untruths needs to be filled with God’s Life.

God must visit our hearts but it has been left up to our will.

Thanks for your visit my lovely friends. Sincerely; MAO

Year’s End Rod Of Measure

Joy to the world

Year’s End is here.

Let’s provide merriment, and cheer. Goodwill, goodwill to all. Make it appear that the mad dash, the scramble is encapsulated in the year gone by, what e’er bad ye did to me is forgotten and forgiven, clean slate, clean slate. Let’s do it again.

Opportunity, oh opportunity lies before us to do it again. Eat and be merry. Respite, oh respite for the moment, giving us the will to try again. Move forward but only in time, only in time. No true assessment here, no. The drug of choice, to help us as in the stupor we laugh giggle and busy self with the spirit of the end of the year.

It is more pathetic than we can surmise.

We but celebrate the god of futility. Hide the tears, the heartbreak and move on.

The sorrow is there with restraint as we have already written some history for this past year. We meant well oh dear God and look not upon the insanity we wreaked this year but instead note our good intentions oh Lord. This last is the task we bequeathed our God. Accept thou our good intentions.

Give us license oh Lord to enter into this new year based on our good intentions.

Excuses. We wish to be excused that we may blindly go on with the broken, the unfixed, unheeded, make it under the Limbo stick while the folk laugh and the music plays. Do we make it?

Why is Chaos always there at the end of the Limbo Line, licking his chops, grinning?

What a remarkable ritual we enact, eh? Oh please, make us more ignorant and merely on the grounds that we “don’t know what we do”. Possess no knowledge of what is at stake here.

Make it a hope, a dream besodden by the winds of time and the temporary stays we purchase with imagination.

It behooves us to but applaud our year’s end plea for a continuing ignorance. 

God love us (He does).

Having little recourse, it is this way that we proceed.

The line towed. Year’s end. 

Our reaction to a year ending among the years of our lives.

The blind pretension needed. The perpetuation, the ritual engaged in. Substances aiding us in the crossing over. The god of occupatory practices, of continuances. It is here we offer unto thee, our tatters, flesh shred, hearts broken and dreams crushed. Oh but help us to forget them and continue.

We just wish but to go on, to go on and tow the line. Thanks for the line which makes us believe that it is all but behind us. In back, in the back and no longer beside us. No longer beside us. No begrudging, no.

Acceptance. Oh, but to settle??????

Is there something different, dare we ask for more? Help, oh help…!!!!!!

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Depression And The Void Innate

From April, this year. Don’t like some of the wording (Mr. Perfectionist Bothering) but here it is shamefully replaced before you. It has some merit. I hope you have not read it. Enjoy.


There is a state of the human being which when observed by science is assessed as “depression” which isn’t depression at all. This is a bold statement, but you will shortly see that this statement is true, correct.

When in the act of just plain living, going about our business, we make an impacting “Void Connection”, the individual might become “lethargic”, completely disanimated, drop out from everyday interactions, regular schedules, the simple little things in life one does (not to exclude some biggies are affected as well). Yes, hygiene, appearance caretaking, home caretaking. Such behavior may strike up the interests of one’s circle of contacts. Puzzle them, cause inquiry such as in the case of Buzz Aldrin.

Buzz went to the moon. Despite conspiracy theories, I don’t believe it would have been possible for Buzz to have undergone this peculiar response had he not gone to the moon. This last is…

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Duality Inversely

Covering the opposite of an investment (emotional) which proves us still to be misdirected.

The purpose of this talk is to give us a moment of clarity that perhaps what isn’t obvious in our everyday transactions will become known. Patience, please!

You will find that I can be dismissed by the hasty, the intimidated and anxiety flooded individual. The void Invoked reader who impatiently (due to anxiety), must discredit my process of presentation, and why? Obviously since all of humankind is primarily while on the track afore ordained by the presence of the Void as it impacts (unrecorded Void fueled missions of) our Psyche negation thus becomes essential for sustainment of “Identity Value”, practiced delusion providing the temporary bulwark, stay. Comfort.

Untruth and the Lie it is.

Understand, that the Void though in us is a message from out there in Eternity. It introduces into our lives on a daily basis a presence of some serious merit. “The Innate Void” whose presence is brought to mind, Intuited with the aid of “Association” insomuch as the mundane daily occurrences will when of a disappointing nature, simply have no choice but to invoke what is there within. 

The Innate Void.

You will find in the paragraph above (the last encapsulate), the testimony which ascribes and subscribes to the phenomenon which has a great portion of humankind befuddled; making Anxiety, why it is present within, disabling and crippling for some yet mild for others, the mystery which our psyche demands it be regarded as that we don’t directly address the reason attributing to its presence. 

Why is the Innate Void within? And also why is it (no pun) Unavoidable? IE; all negative external occurrences serve to invoke it. As humans this is a thing of utmost cruciality for acknowledgment.

I subscribe due to my experience with the Void Innate to the Psychology handed down in the Bible. Listen; our manmade Psychology is indisposed, preferential as it is a bastion produced by the Presence of the Void Innate. Clarity belongs to God. “God isn’t the Author of confusion”, the word reminds us, IE, the mere reader of the Word.

He has no game for us. He is loving. And all we go through (experientially abide) are the machinations of the mind of man as he ventures while inhabited by the Voided State. Impacted by the Voided State. Horrifically it reaps the state of chaos the world is in today. Small wonder that we, sadly, Dramatically assume roles which only function as palliates in our attempts to fix things. Mere Void inspired Redemption Dramas.

And yes, “Religion” must be discredited even by itself. This is why the Bible offers no religion. What it brings is a message of Truth and up to the individual to “Get it”.

I dig it. I get it.

Yes, my much esteemed by the Angels, lovely friend (reader) we are played by the Void Innate, the Satanic enemy of God. Our Psyche is self-deluding. We do it to ourselves.

Sanity is Insanity. Paradox, oh paradox, why plagues thou me?

Mind you; God is clarity though unplumbed. His depths are unplumbed.

This insidious and stank faculty (the Psyche impacted by the Void Innate), phenomenon befalls us on a moment to moment basis.

We have the ball and run with it. IE; Choice. Not robots but blessed with the Will. His love for us. Forethought, forbearance, and Providence (Jesus Christ and Regeneration).

Only His Spirit will quicken (make alive) your Spirit. Will lead you to peace, calm and healing. 

Thank you for your much-loved company this day. Sincerely, your old bro; MAO

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Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)

Duality Relative To Investment

As you are aware; A positive and a negative cancel one another out.

So when it comes to sentiment and emotions be conscious of the investment you make. This is where Self-control and equanimity lie within you to forestall madness and chaos for you

To illustrate;

You are in a romantic relationship (A drama of redemption) and one which is in tatters…

Well, we react with an attempt at getting a “Rise” out of our mate. Mind you, this is a common reaction for the one who has been drastically removed from their participating role in the Romantic Relationship by another in this equation. All of life is full of equations.

Getting that rise can mean any dramatic situation. Oh, you know…

Beat your mate (sad and patheticism), break precious items of memorial value, representations of the highlights of that “Love” now dead. And the uncanny thing is that often the futility of these reactions are sensed, intuited kind of. We are in the Soup and we know it, yet get played by drama.

However, the lesson is that “This too is an investment”, and not unlike the invested “love”, emotion and drama now made of no significance by an external intervening occurrence. 

But yes, of course, we were instrumental in its failing. Subconsciously we needed this cataclysm. It was, representationally a big UTM/ITU (you test me/I test you). Stressful for us emotionally and Psychologically. Anxiety provoking, banking it away and bringing about this demise. But…

We must make our sentiments of more value than we do in everyday practice and this is the lesson which awaits us according to the Will of God.

We make of them Investments. Whether Positive or Negative, we invest them.

So in summary;

Investments of this type, whether positive or negative, tend to be reduced to the futile. Insensate. They are enigmatic of the human’s plight. Our plight. We prove the sovereignty of God in these matters through our employ of these emotional investments.

Whether we lift up or put down, such investments become our testaments to futility, insignificance. They encapsulate nothingness for this is our makeup. And only God can deliver us from it.

We are only enlarged in as far as God has an interest in us; Paradoxically, His Investment in us. 

Whether we side with retaliation or our negotiable ideas of “love” being that they emerge from the Fallen creation they are but vanity. We are nonetheless in need of His Investment within. 

His Spirit for signification rather than the Adamic Nature we hold as our center edifying Death.

Thanks for your company here. Sincerely; MAO.

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)

Perfect Will Of God

Seems like yesterday…
May this year, but such an important message. I lay it before you in the hopes that either a new viewer or a new you can peruse it with a renewed vigor. Enjoy (I wish and hope).


Romans 12:2King James Version (KJV)

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Three Parts….

  1. And be not conformed to this world:

      2. But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,

      3. that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.


I could go at this in a customary way. I hope not to. Because you see, every minister ministers to those God has appointed to them to minister to.

And so without further ado……..


We are manipulated from the outset. Life doth give us banners. Crusades. Whereas we go about believing that we are enacting self, in truth, we enact that “Character” which we were through circumstances…

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