And Now Miguel (part five)

Allow me to fill in some gaps;

My Parents were disciplinarians. I think some of the other member’s Parents were not. I had to go to school, do my homework, do some chores, etc..

So can you imagine a gang member like this. It wound up that the Turbans (mixed groups) on various occasions would wind up going, let’s say to a gig in Manhattan, and I wouldn’t be there. I had my family life. Thing is that events like that would take place at night for the most part.

Little by little resentment would set in. Especially in those events where they would encounter confrontations. Where was I.

But that came later.

I had mentioned that we had moved like two blocks over. Minford Place. Well my little Brother, Angel at one time was, I believe with two friends riding their bikes through Minford Place. They barely made it through the block safely. I had expected something like this.

The intel was that there was another gang on this block. Dukey’s Boys. No way I’d be able to tackle them on my own.

I went to the Turban hangout. “Hey, you guys feel up to a fight.” Explained to them what had happened. Told them the plan.

I would just take two guys with me. It just so happened I only could remember the name of one of those two guys.

Yes, you guessed it, Little Hector. I was to approach Dukey’s Boys with the two guys, while beforehand the remainder of the Turbans (young and old) were to gradually, in small crews, enter several hallways on both sides of the streets and observe the event. When they knew we were surrounded, they in turn were to come out and also surround.

Now regardless of what occurred, I was to be the spokesperson. Because it was my little Brother whom they had posed a threat to.

Well, as it turned out. They were gathered in a Courtyard. We had to walk up a flight of steps into that Courtyard. Me, little Hector and our other man. I recall that Little Hector had a hammer in his hand. I had no weapon. Don’t know if the other Turban had a weapon.

Well we stepped, according to my lead, to the middle of the Courtyard. I began my spiel, with a man on each side of me.

Basically, I pointed out how they had attempted to steal my little Brother’s bike. I announced myself as the Pres of the Young Turbans. I challenged their best man to fight me right there on the spot to resolve the situation, to make amends. Now they began to surround us, drew closer. They had been sitting on stoops (three) inside the enclosure. One in particular, a hot dog was commenting to the rest of them, and voting himself to be that man. I was game. He was bigger but I knew I could take him. He was smiling.

A hubbub of voices rose from the surrounding Dukey’s Boys. Because now the Turbans had completely surrounded them, slunk into that yard left and right of them. They were outnumbered.

Now I had to reassure them that there would be no interference it would be a fair fight.

Happy boy’s face not so happy any more. I was sorry to see the opportunity missed for myself. I wanted to beat that dude. But I am a very fair person, even then.

I knew the Turbans would abuse the lot of them if I struck the first blow without provocation. But Dukey approached me and gave his word that I had nothing to fear ever for my brother.

I led the way out. Looking at my crew to make sure they wouldn’t start anything.

And that was how I had purchased for myself a temporary peace in that block. Temporary. ===========================================================================

Update for this peace.

I crossed paths with them on two other occasions. And in both of those, I did not know they belonged to Dukey’s Boys. The fight subsided when someone recognized me and told them who I was and what the aftermath would be. Legends, ha. This is the way of Gangs that the Turbans had been disbanded for at least two years at that time but should they have got word of this many would have regathered for it.

I can be reached: at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida)


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