LGB (Little Girl Blue) part 4

Again; these are a series of emails I sent a Granddaughter who was caught up in a vicious cycle, a drama of repetitive confrontations with a loving relative. As I said before in LGB, pardon the capitals, I do not write like this any longer, and understand that she was a teen, thus the brackets defining some thoughts or words.

(pt 3 was #d when sent through yahoo mail but not so when sent through gmail.)

What you will see this time is a series of ELABORATIONS dealing with all the previous parts of LGB (little girl blue) I stand corrected, NOT ALL THE PARTS but some of the material covered.

One crucial point not gone over from pt 1 is the following; In life we become accustomed to certain relates we display to others that are common to us. I speak of relatives and their presence in our lives. They tend to diminish us. We become so accustomed to INTERCHANGES WITH THEM THAT WE FIND security in the shape and legend that those relationships have forged in our lives. The thing is that they help (our relatives do!) our redemption dramas accumulate BONA FIDES (CREDENTIALS OR CREDIBILITY). And so the CHARADE (mask or lie) IS PROLONGED. And this is what I mean when I say that our exchanges with our relatives SERVE TO DIMINISH US. Sadly, and it is a fact that they too, get something out of a relationship which does not change. They draw comfort and security, even though it means that we shall never RISE OUT OF THE LOSER PORTRAIT THEY HAVE SKETCHED FOR US, they can’t think that far ahead and see what confines they help to PERPETUATE (give shape and breadth and constancy to) FOR US.

People do not see how their meddling in our lives, how their criticism, and opinion OF US DOES GIVE US A ROLE TO PLAY OPPOSITE THEM WHICH IS AS A PRISON, A JAIL CELL FROM WHICH we draw so much comfort because AT LEAST WE IDENTIFY WITH A ROLE. And that means purpose to us. AND WE KNOW THAT PURPOSE IT IS THAT WE LOST IN ADAM when God removed his Spirit from us. Psychology knows that relatives who criticize and criticize continaually are to be kept away from a child or young person who goes through a tough PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT. One who is showing signs of self destruction and rebellion against authority. Here’s the blessed news, though: they know enough like that but they don’t know the full IMPORT OF WHY THIS IS SO. Because I have taken God at His Word, I understand it and the mechanics of it IN A GREATER DEPTH. This is what the scrutiny of the things of God and HIS WORD WILL AVAIL YOU.

So the bottom line for the point above is; It is our need for PURPOSE which keeps us in the struggle between us and relatives who label us. Keep in mind that A REDEMPTION DRAMA IS A REDEMPTION DRAMA, they serve to give us value so that WE SLEEP ON OUR VOIDEDNESS. The redemption drama is a Satanic MIME. It mimics redemption. Really this point above IS VERY LIBERATING TO ONE WHO RECEIVES IT WITH SPIRIT UNDERSTANDING.

I will send this one ahead now because it is too important, I feel. Though it is a short email this is too personal for you, IE; closer to the mark.

Be patient with the reading comprehension and with the depth of some of the topics for IN TIME EVERYTHING WILL COME TOGETHER FOR YOU AND YOU WILL PERCEIVE HOW THIS ALL TIES IN TOGETHER.

LOVE mao


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