LGB (Little Girl Blue) parts 2 and 3

I apologize, for I had promised to be back with the next part of “Three Interwoven” but something came up. So, instead here is a reprint of the next two chapters of Little Girl Blue. As I pointed out to you these are emails which I sent to my girl daughter upon her request to help her get a grasp on a problem she was having with her moms (my daughter). As I had also warned you before, prior to completion of the “course” she dropped out and so the series gets cut off without completion. But the reason why she stopped is because she had a Hallelujah moment of clarity, engaged by the settling of all the previous material digested. This happens a lot to folks under counseling. She understood however that all of her problems weren’t met yet. Part one had a good reception. It broke a record amongst my posts. Again, excuse all the capitals, I no longer write like this besides.

Okay, we continue with our prime PREOCCUPATION WITH ASSESSING.
So, first of all; we must always have in possession ( in our minds ) when considering our sad attribute as assessors from whence it is derived ! And we must always place it in the framework of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. We wanted to prove to ourselves and to God that we ” Too can judge sin ” . We are capable of discerning whether a thing we consider or are about to do is good or evil ( So we think ! ). What’s funny is, what that function has turned into in the present state we inhabit. First of all when man set out to prove and convince himself that he could judge sin, ALREADY THE HOLY SPIRIT HAD LEFT HIM ! Because that attitude is/was anti God. Already he was setting himself up as wiser than God.POINT IS; WITHOUT THE SPIRIT OF GOD man is FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED and so is incapable of truly JUDGING ANY THING ! Be careful, for any assessment made over any matter BY FALLEN MAN is SUBJECT TO PREFERENCE, AND THUS IT IS ARRIVED AT THROUGH convenience. But in spite of this truth WE ARE ALL ( due to our voidedness within ) afflicted with this quality and ability.
So, why bring all this up, about us, first relying too much on the faculty of assessing to distinguish (set us apart) us as gifted. Assessing is a REDEMPTION DRAMA. All redemption dramas ARE VOID GUISES. All void guises serve to distance us from our voidedness BUT, BECAUSE THEY ARE VOID DISPENSED IN OUR LIVES they are a lie, and a trick. This is connected to occupation. Remember; the void mirrors itself in our lives in TWO WAYS.
1) In OPPOSITES: redemption dramas of success, celebrity. WHY ? Because the void is evidence of failure. Man not being fit for God’s original intent any more. He is in need of redemption.
2) In LIKE: IE, failure, death and self destructiveness. For evidence of this function of the void WE HAVE THE OBVIOUS and the not so obvious. People who live lives of self destruction in a flagrant ( loud, in your face ) way. And the less obvious way of self destruction is portrayed in the ones among us who have a sense of UNENTITLEMENT ( feel they are not good enough for the most common things that are even given in grace to us.)
I will continue tomorrow.

To continue; assessing !
I wrote, that ” ….what assessing has become today….” What it, presently has morphed into. Remember, it started out that man felt fit to judge good and evil. So isn’t it logical that due to man’s foundation (essence) being flawed because of the absence of the Spirit of God, HIS ABILITY TO ASSESS AND ASSESSMENTS WOULD REVEAL HIS FLAW ! Yes, of course, and that’s exactly what is EVIDENT (CAN BE SEEN). For example; man’s concept of what is good or evil, HAS EVOLVED INTO ” WHAT’S RIGHT OR WRONG .” Before we gloss over this, for sleeping on it, CONSIDER ; Fact is, what’s good or evil is not, I repeat; NOT “What’s right or wrong.” What’s right or wrong surreptitiously (craftily, sneakily) wanders into the neighborhood of criticism. But not only does it embody “criticism” but PREFERENCE also !
Clearly (????) whats right or wrong is a personal concept for all ! A matter of opinion. On the other hand what’s GOOD OR EVIL IS WRITTEN IN ETERNITY. And the clarity to see this is not enjoyed by mankind. This is why the volumes extant (existing) on the “law(s)” grow in size, depth and arbitration (debate) on a daily basis. We have pompousness on display within the courts of our lawmakers as they seek to outdo each other with legalese (language of lawyers and judges.)
The world is loaded with CRITICS. From a flawed creature comes forth evidence of it’s true poisonous MAKEUP (fundamental and true essence) . We critique TO ATTAIN VALUE. We are void driven to criticize. And it is part and parcel of the TRAUMA WE EXPERIENCED IN ADAM AT THE FALL. It is quite remarkable that wanting to demonstrate that we were not ignorant, not to be overlooked, IE; we too could judge sin, YET IT WAS THIS MATTER (event, subject, preoccupation) which BROUGHT ABOUT OUR DEMISE, but in spite of it, UPON BEING DISMISSED; it is this faculty that we have spent aeons (countless time) AT WORK REFINING IT though it is flawed and broken, yes, our faculty of ASSESSING.
It’s uncanny that we inherited the trauma experienced by Adam and Eve at the EXPULSION (when they were kicked out of the Garden) because we are taught by the Bible that they taught their children how to worship. This only proves one thing. INNATE (from within, subconscious yet evident) RESENTMENT. You see, even then at the dawn of time man had a problem with SELF ORIENTATION (Knowing, being familiar with himself and what substances within could be influencing his choices.).
Just think, there you are, about to get kicked out of the Garden of Eden, where God had provided for you completely. NOW, TO BE WITHOUT GOD. Not to see his face again. Prayer and worship and APPROACH NOW BECAME THINGS TO LEARN AND WORK OUT (how to ?). How to practice these things that we might keep in contact with God. And this was for man. “to go where no man had gone before.” Yes, IN FACT THIS WAS THE BIRTHPLACE OF ALL ANXIETY. So, man finds himself with all this UNEASE, NERVOUS AND AFRAID. Deep down feeling that God is UNFAIR. That this is too much. As a result the trauma of this event is PASSED DOWN TO ALL MANKIND ALONG WITH THE CURSE. What curse ?
The curse that is hell. Because it is the vacancy within man, the void where the Spirit of God used to reside, yes, that vacant spot is THE EARNEST (PROMISE) OF HELL AS AN INHERITANCE. And that is why God COUNTERS THAT WITH HIS INHERITANCE FOR US IN CHRIST.
The ability our brain possesses of ASSOCIATION (process where one thought digs up a string of connected related thoughts) is like a curse, BECAUSE THE VOID WITHIN (which is recognized intuitively) serves to disturb us with plague delivered on a daily basis THROUGH THE PROCESS OF ASSOCIATION. And so it’s presence (void’s) IS LARGELY THE SOURCE OF OUR DRIVE.
Again, it is due to this (what I have just stated) that IT BECOMES CRUCIAL FOR MAN TO know himself. That’s why YOU MUST KEEP A JOURNAL. If I did not keep a journal for years, NONE OF THIS MATERIAL I WRITE ABOUT WOULD HAVE A PLACE IN EXISTENCE.
Imagine what my life would be like without this material (had I not kept a journal and learned about the dangers which I’m subjected to UNAWARES). Imagine what your life would be like If I’d never taken up a journal on a daily basis ?
TO BE CONTINUED. Reply when received, please.


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