Program Changes

Ever tuned in to watch a favorite show and got upset because there had been some program changes made.
Well, in the home when there is a great deal of friction between a teen and a parental figure, this is also due to program changes.
What am I talking about?
It goes like this….
The old gorgeous program had a little kid. Precocious and spontaneous.
The parent more readily was seduced by the charms and the likes of that one.
A lot was overlooked.
But now the parent expects this older model to tow the line.
The younger version learned a role play hinted at and suggested by the household, be it the siblings, company or the guardians.
The older one has learned the new role play from experiences at large in the free world. Be it the mall, school, street or places they go to to enjoy themselves (parties, field trips, etc.).
So they have acquired new roles to play. Roles which sustenance identification and value.
Though it is all one big charade, we have not taken the time to teach them that.
Instead we have sat down with our kids and bragged on our pasts, our funny, scary and disastrous experiences.
Instead we taught them: Drama for identification with value.
Someone should have written the right parent’s handbook.


5 thoughts on “Program Changes

    1. Yes once having experienced it, one can relate easily. It’s digestible.
      Because you are new I wish to add that I’m away from my blog due to a separate project I am working on, and so just recently started disintering old posts. I had previously just posted nothing but did check in with those who visited the vaults, comments, etc..
      And thanks for the visit and comment and like

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  1. Hey, don’t know if you will get this but my system is glitching right now, so the “Very cool…” comment is not on my Chrome but is on my phone, and that is to what I respond here. You see I could have sworn I followed you yesterday, so apparently there was a delay in you getting that notice, so I clicked it again today.
    And thanks for the voicing that you appreciate the way I write. Ditto on that. Thanks really


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