Prime Directive

Robocop had a Prime Directive.
He was free to do a lot of things, yet bordered by his Prime Directive. As it happened his PD kept him from harming the evil boss which had him constructed. So he could go out and clean up the evil all around him, yet evil had a foothold, a protective one which would facilitate the perpetuation of evil, since, as it turned out he, ironically was the one feared by the main evil masterminds.

This is our predicament.

It is our PD (prime directive) which keeps us running around in circles.
Throwing us a crumb now and then. We catch the symbols of evil but never the Moriartys, never the One behind it all.
This theme is so real that it finds its way into literature as it did with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation of Moriarty. Always in the background fueling the evil, yet so elusive and (get this) uncredited with the strings he pulled or the fact of his very existence.

And so we always reach that border, that wall marked with the word “Futility”.
How useless that makes us feel.
This knowledge invokes anxiety within us.
So much so that, go ahead, stop reading this post, go back to being the Gerbil on that circular wheel if you’re more comfortable with that. I didn’t go back.
Not having gone back, I now have True Life, Real Life.

I’m a Christian. I love God. I know it is an excuse (I confess) but sometimes I use foul language to get an idea across. Sorry. Here’s a story for you.
Even humorous.

I was at the BOC in Florida (Broward Outreach Center), a homeless shelter which houses over two hundred homeless people.
It was mandatory to go to classes presided over by washed out Social Services counselors.
We were seated in one of these classes one morning when the Counselor was discoursing for our benefit that we should have a morning mantra, an affirmation, something positive….
She asked; “Do any of you have a morning mantra?”.
I raised my hand (no one else did).
“Miguel, yes, tell us….”
I responded with; “Upon awakening every morning I say ‘quienes son estos hijos de puta?;”
Asked to translate; I did, “Who are these sons of bitches?”.
Laughter all around.

No one learns or progresses from these classes. They hold the record of 5% success rate if not less.

You see, my objective in this post is to point out that we can’t get past our PD within, unless we address it, challenge it.
Reaching within and gutting it.
Wrenching it out, Dethroning it just like we do, waging warfare so busy running around and blowing up things (drama), fighting evil all around the world.
Whatever banners we have chosen to fight under, what ever causes, they are mere fronts which the PD will allow, permit, tolerate; Mere Crumbs to deceive us, continue our enslavement to it.
We get a feeling of purpose….
Occupation. Crumbs, deceptions, illusions given us to satiate the sense of value we require, conspiracy.
We’re dupes.
You can practice positive thinking, be in possession of a ritual to band aide your self-esteem……uh uh, sorry baby, you haven’t got a prayer to escape the Gerbil’s wheel.
Even if you sustain the illusion of transition, it is still an illusion.
Waxwings, fly too close to the sun and….

Jesus walked upon the water.
Proving He, in possession of the Spirit of God could break the natural laws.
Could laugh at the Prime Directive.

It is all one huge web. The PD and the laws of nature designed to give us forbiddances, boundaries, limitations.

As it is, we are bound by the false god (little g) we have centered within, handed down to us from Our flawed and disinherited father (Adam). He forfeited that which would have put us on the right track to the enrichment of Life. God’s life.
His Spirit.
This is why Christ is referred to as “The Second Adam from Above”.
That we should descend from Him through Sonship.
Join the ranks and leave our claiming and limiting Prime Directive, join the ranks of all the Sons of God.
I know that religion scares you.
It is supposed to do that. It is one of Satan’s true devices, that religion should frighten us.
Believe the simple message of the Bible, go forward from there. Make your own way, but yes, with the Spirit of God leading you, meaning; don’t be another Jim Jones.

Thank you for reading. Sincerely; much love, MAO
I can also be contacted at;
or face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo



  1. I really like how amazingly you put your thought. Of course coz you have many experiences and a brilliant brain with you.
    We need to challenge PD or at least be in right terms with it. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are quite generous with kind estimations, thank you sincerely. What I have in my favor is time. I’ve been around. Strange how time though it beats at the door of this corporality leaves us gifts. But enough of that. I’m glad you appreciate it. Ever the tale, however, that we notice things, events (avid observer) and what is, even more, kind is that we want to share our experiences. Help, be of help.
      I’m happy for you that you possess this gift, to want to make concrete your observations, the more by sharing them. Have fun. Sincerely; MAO

      Liked by 1 person

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