Prove Yourself

According to Sartre, you should prove yourself.
Be that which you titularly ascribe to yourself. According to Sartre you have that burden, put up or shut up.

If you claim, in voice, communication, to be something, then prove it. Occupy in being that thing (“Being and Nothingness”).
Whether an artist, a writer, a mason, etc..

As if you are in a desperate race.
We see the pressure this places upon humanity. And we also can see the Simplistic creation, easily recognizable attributing, categorizing, this makes of society, life….

Sounds like it is Socialistic, even Communistic in makeup.
Everything in its place. Sounds manic. Sounds eccentric. Idiosyncratic.

Wow, desperation, one shot at it, otherwise it is oblivion for you pal, those are the breaks according to Sartre.

But it is inescapable that if you view life this way then you live with a burden.

Jesus came to remove our burdens.

If you live life with the burden that you must Be publicly something which is recognized by the public….
A cup should look like a cup. If it has no handle then the designer might begin to make them with a handle to accommodate use.

This is our perspective of God. He should make corrections. Provide improvements, and so it is easy to assign blame to the Creator.
And if he doesn’t respond according to our dictates then, like Sartre we will make our own Golden Calf. Take matters into our own hands.

Sartre did this. “Man is forlorn”, said Sartre, and so has to work things all out on his own for God had abandoned man. IE did not make the necessary improvements.

And so man made “Ethics, Values, and changed Good and Evil into Right and Wrong (matters of criticizing and opinion, viewpoints, preferences)”.
True genius. Kudos for man.

So all this present day picture of our advancement, our venture towards the glorified Utopia we envisioned is but a bastard creation born out of a drive which was solely innate, prepackaged within man from the git go. Inducer of remarks such as, “Man is forlorn”; how so much like a child’s murmuring.

Historical meandering.

Without a true Life, it is that we quest. Describing the primordial hurt within we make sounds, sounds questing for that which we designate as a goal.
We have created the goal, to help us to forget the imprint. Our lack.

But before we cried out; He responded.
He had made the intricate plan.
He took human form and mortified it.
He put Himself in a place of judgment, where it went contrary to the truth; He could not be judged.

He is impervious to correction for He has no imperfection.
And so He was, instead owed a life, for the injustice of the Cross.

As fortune would have it, I took advantage of this error.
I’m without burden today because He took away my burden. I can live life with such an ease, I don’t have to be what the world expects or demands that I be. No.

As the vessel He inhabits, I don’t be, He is instead. He has that privilege for He died in my stead.
I don’t have to prove myself, for He proved Himself.
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