Straws For The Flaws

In the 1800’s, there occurred a intellectual revolution.
This was a “science” focused thing. A kind of rebellion against established credos. Linking progress with going against established beliefs. The Church and representative religion seemed to provide a nemesis, spurring it on.

As a matter of record, it was then that Mary Shelley, wrote Frankenstein. Man creating life out of death. This is man’s theme. His banner. Man’s heart cry, to escape the pathos that in truth limits, and imprisons him. The whole idea of intellectual revolution is man attempting to create life out of death. He is a walking corpse without the Life of God within.

Strange but it appears to be a metaphor for man going on despite being lifeless. It shows, in essence man fearing this “thing”, a thing which science had made. It is like a presentiment emerging from the conscious of man. I wonder if Cliff’s Notes made any mention of this….

Man is in desperate need of such pursuits (revolutions). At his very center lies a flaw. A empty place where the Spirit of God once dwelt. He is driven out of that vacancy to grasp unto any thing that would contradict this present state, bespoken of by that vacancy which possesses him.

Lost man is mad. We know this because, the Word tells us that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind. So we can picture him with a insane gleam in his eye detesting everything which bespeaks of God and His Word, like a mad dog obsessed with tearing it all down, and abolishing it completely.

And so yes, it stands to reason that he is thrilled at revolutions espousing that he is well, that he is a progressive being, that there is a “Evolution” in store for him. That he shall some how metamorphose into something marvelous and glorious.

Fact is, however, that man is grasping at straws. So, his is a wish, a product of desperation born out of a flawed mind. Flawed thinking requires a revolution.

The standard question, “Who’s your daddy”, is also answered by the actions of a rebellious child. Lost man needs to own up now. God in heaven is his Father, try and deny it, as he will.
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