Anxiety (once more)

You know, for example about a panic attack.
You know about folks who feel anxious a great deal of the time.
You know about a child being anxious for the dispersing of the Christmas presents under the tree.
About a lover being anxious for the arrival of the loved one.
It is possible for a person not to understand what is meant by anxiety.
I met a man once, at the Belview Homeless Shelter for men in Manhattan N.Y..
He asked me what I was writing.
I had been writing down some thoughts on Axiety. I told him so.
He looked puzzled. I started out with “You know….” and began to describe it through specific scenarios.
This guy was a guy who had been caught heisting a Jewelry store and while two guys had made it out (fellow theives), he was floored, and I suppose that wasn’t enough for the Security there, his jaw was shot right off his face (left side) so he was on the ground gurgling.
He did time for that.
So what was I to assume that this guy was never anxious, and had never experienced anxiety.
Of course he did!
He just didn’t give much thought to it, no not in his world, or developemental stages, he just lived life.
He assessed that he did better without the knowledge, and likely it was that this attribute of his helped in placing him in the predicaments he found himself in.
Point is that folks are driven by anxiety, and are not recording it, just reacting to it.
About this guy, we became great friends. Not to brag but all my life has been like this, killers are drawn to me.
Well now, back to anxiety.
Karen Horney (famed Psychologist) whose Karen Horney Institute for Psychology is still standing in Manhattan N.Y.C., is quoted as saying about the field of psychology; “No matter how we try, we can never get to the Basic (also referred to as tha First) Anxiety”.
What is meant by this is that one will undergo therapy, and in time the cause, or the guise of one of the causes for a symptoma is unearthed, and the patient will show marked improvement. This process will have to continue (treatment). Progress will be made but the patient is never fully cured, because they can’t arrive at the First Anxiety (never).
Mind you this, the latter thought is their conclusion, IE patient is not cured because arrival at the first recorded event which began this behavior can never be unearthed.
Now, consider that they are looking for an occurrence. Something, a trigger which caused this “abnormal” behavior.
In order to understand Anxiety let us draw some configurations.
And trust me, they will appear wild.
Here is a proposal; The Basic anxiety will never be found by summoning up, by the process of excavating into the psyche of a human for recorded events because…..
The First Anxiety is something which man brings to the table.
IE it is innate. It is a primordial stamp which man enters this earthly sphere with.
How is this possible?
How can this be?
Man has great difficulty in exploring the possibility of something like this being likely because he lacks the creative process to do so.
He is limited to this existence for extrapolating data. The Bible account of the Fall of Man would never enter into his calculations.
So there you have it.
The reason why all these great egotistic intellectuals who renounce God, and seek to discredit the Biblical account, label it myth, can never
really understand themselves, or their true predicament.
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    This again, as I have been actively doing in the past two (?) weeks or so is a old post. It is, I admit a little abrupt on the illustrative side because this is some of my early writing. I hope you enjoy it.


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