By Contrast (again)

By contrast, a thing gains prominence.
When you lose the one you love, they gain in significance. By contrast.
You, as a child may have had a toy which, of late, got very little play. But just let a brother or sister or friend lay hands upon that toy and at that moment you realize you need to be the only one handling that toy.
By contrast, things gain import.
We get deceived also (just like the illustrations) by contrast.
We may be stuck in a humdrum job.
Supremely boring.
The mind plays tricks on us.
We get inundated by visions of, dreams of, illusions of ideas, yes, ideas, more ideal situations under which we could make our living.
Careful because the inspiration only came by way of that deceiver, “contrast”.
Now let’s break this down, in order to understand it (what did transpire).

A) We were devalued by circumstances.
B) In need of obtaining value (concluding ourselves as less than zero).
C) Our psyche responded, busying itself with enhancing value for us due to contrast working its spell.

Consider that it was responding to contrast. What then does this say about the human psyche?
Precisely it says what God’s Word has been trying to tell us since forever.
A) We lack true value; IE the Spirit of God is precisely that value we lack, and so we substitute accreditations, degrees, awards, recognitions, societal kudos common place merit badges bestowed by peers, etc..
You know, a reflection in a mirror will clue you on what is out of place, a reversed image though…

Ironic, huh?
By contrast.
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