Worry And Anxiety (part two)

Freud was genius when he uncovered the Subconscious.

However the subconscious he uncovered was but the tip of the ice. Yes, he would find a trigger for a Phobia or a Psychosomatic reaction (illness), this was great work, but….

It was window dressing.

He was working with the externals. Just giving credibility to the premise that man would cure the ails of mankind.

And more importantly; This window dressing was precisely what mankind needs for value.

It adds to the drama we require in order that in acquiring value through our fabricated drama we paint a panorama consisting of much self import.

Mankind has, collectively, one humongous inferiority complex. This is why people create themselves. However, they prove by doing so that they are under the great hard taskmaster “Perfectionism”. For some it is easier to chase after perfectionism than for many others. Perfectionism succeeds in breaking many others, causing nervous breakdowns and family annihilators among other things. A great eraser upon the head of a great pencil.

People say, that some get the breaks and others don’t. What I mean by this is that some meet with misfortune early in life. Sexual and physical abuse of varied types. Deprivations, cruelties inflicted upon infant children. Sometimes represented by a callousness, indifference, apathy. You can imagine why some breakdown.

Others, appear to have a better disposition. Adapt better to the Societal thing, go for the brass ring. No hesitation. But don’t let this fool you, be not deceived. These will be the hard cases, the ones who might point the finger at their Brother, and call them excess baggage. These might even fill Churches wall to wall.

But these things which occur (referring to the apparent casualties among us) that can be tagged with a chronology, merely connect with an innate “thing” we all come into existence with.

And it is for this reason that Freud among numerous others of the Psychoanalytic profession are driven to attach, have the necessity of attaching, solely an external occurrence as the prime mover in the sorrow and chaos of the human existence.

This preoccupation with ascribing blame upon the external flaws we perpetrate, not only loans credibility and office to the believers in the inerrancy of “science”, but reinforces reliance upon a mankind which is responsible for this very same series of ailments.

The “perfectionist” is driven by imperfection.

But permit me to get a little more focused here, please.

Bear with me now, and this soapbox has not been for naught.

Remember, the cause for anxiety lies within; the externals but serve to invoke it. I will make sense of this now, for your sake….

Tune in for part three, you won’t be sorry.


I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at



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