This is from my face book page. I know you will enjoy it. Sincerely from my heart.

Do you feel that your life is purposeful?
It is important that you do.
But you can find out truthfully if it is.
Most people, if you look closer, you will see the banner of purpose they carry.
Some will immediately let you know.
It is a cause.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, they talk about the cause. It might be clothe the poor, feed the children, free the blah blah, free the imprisoned blah blah.
On the wrong sorrowful useless track, in fact they have been sidetracked like Martha, wanting help of Mary to wash the dishes.
Mary found what is needful, repeat, what is needful.
You can feel it told to you by the weight you carry. The Yoke of perfection, to strive to be perfect. Proper, respectful which can lead you to respect some one out of admiration. Even admiration for what they have and have accomplished.
No, that is the wrong track.
People tend to lead with the emotions. Emotions can mislead us.
In some cases not by much.
Like when you come to realize that you have never found yourself and have been leading a life of emptiness and fruitlessness. Like living in a role which obtains emptiness for you and your soul thirsts for something which seems indefinable. You can’t put a name to it, but it is there within your heart, the unattained. What is it? Where is it? Where can it be found?
I will tell you what it is…..
It is purpose.
You can’t find purpose without the missing part within you once possessed in your Father Adam.
Yup, he was foolish and lost it for you.
And so the thirst began for all of humankind.
Thirst to find the Spirit, Life which is yours to obtain and keep once you see, bowing down in your heart, change of perspective, that their is none righteous, none good except God.
Jesus brought that Holy Spirit, in the place of the righteous God, and giving His life for you upon the Cross, allowed it, yours to take, believing, yours to keep, believing.
True Purpose.
Receive Him, the Life, the Spirit, in Faith


I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at



5 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Miguel, you are so insightful. Your writing is blossoming. I found this to be clear, concise and comical (blah blah blah 😉) I am looking forward to reading the rest of your worry and anxiety series too. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You deserve it Miguel. Keep writing. You have wisdom in your words and your posts inspire thought and contemplation. It is a teaching tool, one that will help to invoke change in your readers if they desire to take the path you lay before them. Trust in my sincerity when I tell you this.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ANM7

        I do. Can’t help but to. You see; first you are capable of sharing (demonstrated by your time afforded others). Second, you are insistent on being understood (good resource). And you too are insightful. You have sensed that my work a lot of the time is (seems) unrewarded. Which leaves it up to God to push me onward (easy for Him). You too are greatly recognized and appreciated. Yes, my goal is for a voice, understood. It is working, progressively, with patience. And to come upon a web friend like you, wow. Says it all. You see the needs of others. You fulfill your Spirit obligation in that respect. Continue on your proper journey Honest!

        Liked by 1 person

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