Worry And Anxiety (part four)

At the end of part three we were talking about the graph (just a line down the middle of a page). On the left is the source for our (all) Anxiety. On the right of the line can be listed every preoccupation man engages in.

We lastly, pointed out that all of the occupations man engages in are driven by the item on the left.

The Void in man.

The reason for this is that man is in need of Value due to the absence of the Spirit (Life) of God we forfeited in Adam. The Life of God is Value exemplefied.

I have shared what’s below before but it’s a must here…

I told a young man once; “…..all of mankind’s proccupations, pastimes are but for one purpose, simply to accummulate and to attain Value.” He had some conflict with me and so he could not help but to say, “Not me”. I immediately thought in my head (so as not to add to that conflict) thanks for proving my point by wanting to be the exception.

In wanting to be the exemption, and add to that the differences (conflict) we had in common he was hardpressed to agree with me, and so I (my take charge, attitude, control) invoked in him enough anxiety that he had to, dualistically, go and disagree with me, hoping that in doing so he would find value. Value to diminish the anxiety I provoked in him.

But more. I will give you more.

I will present a Model for you. Remember in part two we spoke about Intuition. IE a thing Directly known. Yet the thing within your breast which is intuited has no language. You know it without the benefit of words.

Now we shall name the thing on the left of the line; “The Void”

The void is the source of all Anxiety (you will see why in a moment).

Here’s the Model;

A person experiences one of several scenarios: Trauma, Crisis, Shock, Even a negative thought, a dark association…

For the sake of demonstration let us picture the individual, his psyche not being able to function under such a disorienting thing…..

He, along with his psyche runs within. He runs within himself looking for contradiction; No, this is not happening to me……

Inside, instead of Contradiction, he finds Confirmation;

Yes, bad things can happen to you, yes you are, as it were, subject to whimsey, to Chaotic forces beyond your control….

And then he comes back out into existence, either a vegetable (due to shock) or He weaves Redemption Dramas.

You see, now we have a word for the left side and words for the right side of the line.

It is the Void which drives us to all of our activities, preoccupations, pastimes which seek to ascribe to us value. They are Redemption Dramas, because the Void is there in the place of the Life of God which we possessed in Adam before the fall.

Must stop here (486 words).

Come back for part five (please)


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