Worry And Anxiety (part six)

Towards a more applicable work.

It is important to have something, a construct with which to tack unto your role in belief.

You want to overcome Anxiety and Worry. Okay then you need to become familiar with your enemy if you wish to defeat it.

That’s what all this previous instruction has been intent upon. I say this because there were some who foolishly construed the instruction to be of no use to them. Self reliance, at times can be the enemy. A blind self confidence can delude and obstruct probable deliverance. Subconsciously one plans to keep the talisman of infirmity.

I won’t give up on such folks.

Back to the communicae.

So to begin….

Emphasis must be placed on the fact that the Void within is a drive source. Not only has it produced a mankind which suffers from Anxiety but through the same unease has created a mankind which has fashioned many preoccupations which are in truth but a vesture of the Void.

All of our occupations give resonance to the Void. They serve the Void. Even a great portion of what passes for Worship and belief.

You see the Void, being the vacancy which once housed the true value, Life of God, doth resonate with the urgency of our need; Redemption.

The unease experienced, sensed, we know as Anxiety.

The dread is communicated by the Void (on the left side of our line: down the page) to the right side of the page and Viola: We are prodded to produce all of our useless occupations.

Climb a mountain, sail the seven seas, win the guy/girl, get the brass ring, be perfect, please ma and pa, follow a cause, wage a war, seek fame……ad infinitum.

Have the best car, house, wine collection, clothes, have the definitive collection of……….

You see, some didn’t have, coming up, the stress which others did, but some got it in spades, in spades. And so they are flooded with the same Voidal message, but more so….

The ones who happily continue on could meet up with chaos, whimsy and then have to go through therapy in a effort to regain the ground they fought on in life. To regain the drama which doth give them Value, a value which serves the Void and doth deceive. Deludes. But gives one deliberate pastimes intent on erasing the Truth.

We are all victims, dupes.

For the drive source comes from the same place.

There are Two Kinds of people in the world;

The Obscurity Seeker.


The Celebrity Seeker.

They are both Void driven.

Void inspirited.

You see the Void must be mirrored. And so we have Preoccupations.

The Void is mirrored in one of two ways;

In Like.

And in Unlike.

In like would be in a life of Self Destruction.

In unlike would be in a life of succeeding, notoriety.

Both occupations succeed in nulling the recognition of the Void’s true significance.

Come back for part seven (Please!)


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