Worry And Anxiety (part eight)

It should be clear by now that….

Finding, or knowing the makeup of the first event which gave rise to our debilitated behavior (aberrant symptoma, etc.) is not necessary to find healing.

In fact, the externals need credentials.

They need for accreditation, bona fides, the Primordial configuration that we enter this life with.

That very, tagged, labeled, “traumatic” experience you had as a child, young person, grown up, etc., etc., without the coloring, the vesture of the innate, and true trauma (inherited by you) experienced by Adam and Eve at the Biblical Fall, would have had no fleshing out, no configuration, no drama, no substance, no identity whatsoever. No impacting significance.

The fact that the innate trauma is then intuited when annexed (or inspired, triggered) by the earthly experience, doesn’t make it, the trauma original. There is no ownership taken place. The external found a data to wrap around itself.


Because the external, is needed by us to loan credibility to our significance.

Man, starting with Adam and Eve, did not understand that God never meant for us to get too comfortable here, on this plane.

So, just like Sartre who says that man is forlorn because God abandoned them to work things out on their own, so man surmised; “Well, this is it. The only contact we will have with God now will be through worship (animal sacrifices, offerings: not seeing the big picture).” “We need to step up to the plate (make a name for our selves).”

But it was that very same innate trauma which aided in making them desire to make a name for themselves, identify with value.

So not only do we create roles for ourselves (dramatic ones) but we also latch unto caustic events. Do they not go hand in hand with the expulsion for literary effect. Drama, loss and sorrow. Disinheritance, etc..

Man is in terrible need of his own story.

He needs to get as far away as possible from the account of the Biblical Fall of man. The innate will not allow him to rest in peace. But if he can outrun the innate, evidence, he can delude himself (for awhile).

The person who suffers from Anxiety, yes they do have a associative thing ongoing. Yes. It triggers anxiety, but the anxiety triggered is Voidal. So what helps then??

Bake cakes and take them to the homeless? Not my recipe (not pie recipe!), but I suggest you, more than the average Christian need to engage in a concerted (all your being, no division) effort to get (if you have already trusted in Christ) more and more filled with the Spirit.

How does one accomplish this; Study the Word. Read the Word with a pad and pen at the ready. The filling will occur as you are at the disposal of the Spirit to write urgings, thoughts down. Sensitivity will increase. Yes, pray. But also engage in silence, a period of silence when you pray that the Spirit will find occasion to speak. Witness, is another thing. He will fill in the gaps, provide words.

Trust in God by trying new things. Be a help. Write a play for the Church, write a skit, test the Spirit within.

Yes with the filling of the Spirit ongoing, likely such a certainty, a conviction of ownership, designation, assurance of Salvation will transpire that the Void will be drastically silenced within.

Little to warn you about. Maybe he will stop by to hand you a diploma.

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2 thoughts on “Worry And Anxiety (part eight)

  1. ANM7

    Well it is true that this whole school of thought began with the release of the Spirit within me at a time of much breaking in my life. So as I became more sensitive to the instructions of my heavenly Father, I saw in my writings, direction, the threads which composed the fabric of life, the true composition behind the scenes of things, interactions, motives etc.. Sorry for the focus here, not sure what you want me to say. Just woke up to use the rest room, middle of night here. Any way, very happy you like the thoughts, glad because you have a very good grasp on what I write. I have a small audience, and small in reception also. This stuff can be very disconcerting. Folks don’t want to know what might be truth. But you are greatly encouraging. Thank you so much. Sincerely; MAO


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