Love Songs

Doing some chores around the house. Javier Solis singing some love songs while I work.

One of the songs is claiming the female to be more worth than anything (beyond this, beyond that etc.). Point is that we failed with God in Adam and so we distract ourselves with one another, relationships. Of a romantic nature. The exhortative songs of love, reaching and reaching.

Efforts at singular avowals of affection, looking to see which one blows the last one off the map by reaching for the stars. Be it with sorrow or with super demonstrative love stories.

Significance. My love for you is like……

Romantic love songs.

It is different on the surface from the songs you hear in Church, but whereas the love songs are the other side of the coin, the ones sung in Church have more truth to them.

Right on target., and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at
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