Don’t Be Like I Was

There was a time in my youth when; Someone would enter a room dramatically, in a rush….

The messenger.

He would tell about how “Fulano de tal” (Spanish, referencing; This dude/can be thought of as “No one important, of any consequence…”) said…….(so and so) about me.

This (messenger) was according to the law of the streets “My boy”.

Quickly I would drop what I was doing and immediately go and confront the individual. I would perform this function in a threatening manner.

Yes, I was that gullible, ignorant. I was manipulated and perpetuating a myth. Macho and responding to role playing.

Actor on the stage, and handing out and taking obligatory lumps for mere repute.

My blood, my coffee (related).

Funny how we can choose a stereotype.

This is not the only way this event is carried out. Don’t give way to performing the instrumentation, find instead, what would the master and not the poor master, would have you to do.

Don’t choose from the roles rack, permit instead that God would choose you a new one.

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One thought on “Don’t Be Like I Was

  1. Reblogged this on andnowmiguel and commented:

    Here is another old post; As you read it, I wish to add a item not actually clear within it; The term in Spanish “Fulano de tal” is used to represent “someone of no consequence” John Doe etc. when retelling a occurrence and you don’t require to name names, or don’t wish to list a name in the retelling.


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