Apple, Tree, Falling Distance….

More true and applicable perhaps, than we practice to perceive. Relevance.

Significance, meaning, defining it!!!!

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

We either hear it when some one wishes to point out the short comings of offspring, and though rare, the similarities in positive traits.

But I wish to point out something today which falls in this context, yet is deceptive. It has the notoriety of sending offspring out into life with a mission which they thought to be in the nature of a worthy crusade, yet is actually a form of Self Condemnation.

A mission limiting one’s life, by occupying, serving as more of a distraction. Keeping one from a better deliverance at hand.

Let us begin with the word Syndrome;




a group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms: “a rare syndrome in which the production of white blood cells is damaged”

synonyms: condition · illness · complex · disorder · affliction · sickness

We will be looking at a syndrome. It is perpetuated by the product, offspring of a typical household.

This is very simple, but I think overlooked for the most part.

I brought this to the attention of approximately 30 readers, years back on a online zine (faith writers). This is not a repost, but a offshoot from the same post (newly writ). I have no access to that post.

I hope they shared the lesson with others (lo these years).

This syndrome, this phenomenon occurs in the home.

1) Here is the model for this;

A child gets brought up by Guardians…..

What we might refer to as mistakes, poor judgements, incorrect disciplinary tactics are employed (we view them as such, lacking wisdom????). The Child subjected to such, has a sense, an assessing  reaction, weighing in the correctness of this disciplinary tactic employed and they might react with a unsavory assessment of this treatment. Perhaps locking away in memory some resentment towards the Parent. Dressing the Parent up with some measure, crowning them with a area of lack.

Two things we should note (the first we don’t have time to go into except for the fact…)…

  1. A) The mistakes, the poor judgments, do not in truth point to the possibility of a Right way. There is no such creature. We are deceived in this area of speculation, due to our frailty. Parents have struggled with this possibility and gauge since the dawn of time.

We don’t have time to cover this, above.

B) This (below) is the common reaction from the offspring;

To simplify our objective, we give this ailment a banner and it goes like this…

“I will not do that to my kids!”

So we bring up our kids according to this observation, this assessment which came out from a painful experience. A hurt. A disillusionment.

Yes it carried some weight, in some cases we’ve carried that weight for numerous years, little did we imagine this would be a type of imprisonment. A shackling confinement which would prevent wonderful and lovely Spiritual gifts of a true Life to flow from us.

You see once something is spawned from criticism, from disappointment of expectations it becomes but the alternate side of the same coin of Irony. Fueled unexpectedly by the same affliction. After all, is it not “The two sided coin”?

The apple does not fall far from the tree, even when fueled by the converse.

Remember, if you have been living like this, sent out from the same abyss on a reverse mission, you have but been building a monument to frailty, fueled by hurt, by disillusionment, and openly, without realization, subjecting yourself to critical eyes also.

Even your own critical eyes. A subconscious sense of betrayal, “Have I betrayed well intentioned souls, proved unworthy of their sacrifices, in truth I am no better, and as frail”.

This can affect your health. You must quash this mission. Perform the last rites, perhaps shed a tear or two and bid the incident and loved ones who helped to set off this mission in your life, a fond farewell, with much love.

Yes, accept the fact that you too are in the same boat, imperfect, get rid of the little god of perfection, forgive them and in so doing acknowledge that you forgive yourself.

Only God is perfect.

Only His Spirit can guide us to make the better choice.

But it begins with recognizing human frailty. Forgiveness and His Love pouring out from us.

Understand that we all are a bunch of assessors. We assess. Having become the little gods, lured by our pride in Adam, thinking that we too can judge sin. Having done so, made the trade off for a petty thing, assessing with the absence of His Spirit, His love, His life. Better suited for self forgiveness and that of others.

Much love, and especially to the dear friend who inspired the return of this post. Sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;


12 thoughts on “Apple, Tree, Falling Distance….

  1. I agree with so many aspects you have mentioned here “crowning them with an area of lack” “there is no right way” and feel that I am now at the point of “recognizing human (my own) frailty”. It became clear to me as I read that line, I had an ‘aha’ moment. Thank you for that. I must say that I have really enjoyed conversing with you today. And I have to leave with this idea? We must first fall from that tree to know where we will stand. No? Much love, Kelly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ANM7

      Thanks. I suggest a chaser, however. For your sake. Write about this. Read, peruse it, and write some notes about it. Point is, appropriation. Own it, make it your own and it will sprout wings for you. Then, yes, the healing will have some kind of insurance. Sincerely, your friend; MAO

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ANM7

        After thought; You can blog about it. I don’t mean citing how it came about (post) but, be creative, what the concept and thought has impressed upon you. I mean, write as if you want to help someone concerning the ideas. I wouldn’t mind because, my hope is that you fare better with the subject matter, IE appropriate it.


      2. ANM7

        I sent you a message yesterday via one of these replies (cant’ locate it) and suspect it was not conveyed, so here it goes again;
        I think you should blog a post about what you read, your reaction. No, don’t advertise my blog, but how you feel, how it has prompted you. This will go a ways to insure that you grow in the appropriation of the subject matter. Be inspiring, IE wanting to use the knowledge to help some one else with the same frailty. Just like the one with the mote in his eyes judges himself when judging another. Conversely, in implementing the experience to help another you will also push your healing progress forward. No I don’t mind you using the experience (just because I wrote about it). Don’t name me and my blog, just prove that you are sharing, and able to share.
        Sincerely; MAO

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      3. The writing has begun Miguel, May I ask why you would not want me to reference the post? I have used it as starting point to bounce the idea off. I believe there are many avenues that your post will lead me to, all jumbling in my head right now. Just curious.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It’s kind of (prepare yourself) like the “backwards and forward dance”. I did not want to impede you doing it by making myself look as if my objective was to selfishly employ you for the advancement of my blog. I wouldn’t want to risk that. So thus I lay those cards upon the table. But if you want to mention the blog on your own free will, in the cause of your growth, benefit, then “nonsense by all means, (do so) move” Doc Holiday in Tombstone. Don’t let anybody tell you different; You are smart, that’s what prompted you to ask instead of just going ahead and listening to me (not mentioning the blog). Sincerely;MAO

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      5. By the way; the reason for the many avenues is because, subconsciously you were working on your deliverance, yay long before I came along. Rebellion was infused a long time ago. God, if he has seen fit to use a miscreant like me, can use anybody.

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  2. Reblogged this on andnowmiguel and commented:

    This is a old post. It succeeds in making you aware of how Duality functions among us, yet we are unaware of its impact.
    Our being folk who function with Dualistic reactions just proves that we are pawns, that Satan works among us to give credibility to our distracting pastimes. Read and watch how you will recognize a small thing which turns out to be not so small. My writing has improved in comparison so bear with the difference. Thanks for being here.


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