Please Be Aware That….

Please be aware that….
I am a Christian. I trusted in Christ and His finished work upon the Cross many years ago.
I was twenty five years of age at the time. Am, sixty four at the time of this writing.
Some of the things I write about, scare, frighten some Christians. They find it hard to believe that I am one of them.
I don’t seem formal. That is a good thing. I have many believers (Christian) which can vouch for my credentials, through the medium of the Spirit of God within them.
Look at me, consider me, like a funnel.
Like a sieve.
Those who get by the fundamental, formal preaching, escape conviction, might spend some time at my stand.
Spend some time under my teachings, be subjected to a extended version.
An extended effort at trying to communicate the Gospel to them. God is magnificent. This is why He saw Miguel who found Grace in His eyes, through the offering of His Son, and put a finger on his (Miguel’s) life.
Perhaps He said, you will be different. You will be weird. You will connect peculiarities and present the Gospel employing such venues.
You will inspire curiosity, they will chase you out of town (no, just kidding here).
Of course, yes, I make too much of myself.
I’m just, merely a sieve.

A good man of God once ventured to say this about me;

“You speak of things that only God would know…”
Thanks for reading, sincerely; MAO
I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;


7 thoughts on “Please Be Aware That….

  1. Reblogged this on andnowmiguel and commented:

    This, once again is and old post. This can be appraised as a Testimony, though incomplete as regarding that categorization. It is telling about the character; “Miguel”
    More than a year ago writ.
    Hope you delight in it. Leave a insult, express some dislike, disgust etc. after reading.


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