I’m Warning You (poorly employed tactic)

The ultimatum.

It won’t work. So don’t do it.

There automatically line up against anyone who would employ this tactic, several corresponding oppositions. The worst part is that human nature it is which gets into the process of invoking them, which means you are foredoomed when you give a ultimatum to anyone.

Subconsciously of course, yes this is the battle you have outlined for yourself as you are role playing and draw satisfaction from the part you have assigned for yourself. Yes, somewhat fatalistic. You want to be launched in a Nuclear fashion, to the farthest reaches of self depths, agonizing and feeling. Likely in search of feeling. You seek knowledge through torment.

Okay, I can dig it, but don’t do it. There are other roadmaps which can show you safer and less painful pathways.

First; You are placing yourself in the hands of Duality. It has complements to match the ultimatum. We humans are more pathetic than we let on. The reason why we are pathetic is because without the Spirit of God we are grade A suckers for drama. We obtain value through drama. We identify with value through drama. Role play. Observe carefully human nature, my friend.

We get played by drama.

Sometimes it plays a soft and low violin, soothing, and we think we are good. Not only good, but at peace. Yet, we are still being played. We found a role to play.

When you stand before a person and give them a ultimatum, you have no conception of the size of the “bone” you have now thrown them. If you did then you would Know that you can’t win, at least not the way you would likely define winning in such a game and play.

My word, my friend, you have just, in giving the ultimatum, handed them the “Glory and Shine Card”.

The Martyr, which means they will be in possession of a great source to identify with value. One who will go forth and take up the mantel, the gloved smack in the face.

Drama, we are hungry for drama, because though it makes a poor substitute for the Spirit (Life) we forfeited in Adam, yet it propels us forward with value.

Tateeereee, tateeree, tateeree, tateeree (ever watch Sponge Bob; that’s a trumpeted sound of proclaim).

You will be so much richer in understanding and perseverance if you don’t do this (hand someone a ultimatum).

I hope I have made this clear.

Thank you for reading, sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at
https://www.facebook.com/BiblicallyReferencingHumanNature/ And the blog;


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