It’s what society labels one who is sucking the life out of it. In essence someone who gives a black eye to the structure of it (society) and all it stands for.
It is not unlike when a Parent tells a child, son, daughter; “You are now unclaimed, no longer a offspring of this great family name.”

Now yes let’s pause and eliminate the extreme (if we can). Yes perhaps not eliminate but add gradations here.
Considered the extreme would be the Sociopaths, Serial Killers, Pedophiles, etc..

It would appear that these, above, are sucking the life out of Society.
Yes, when we see what happened to a number of Prostitutes, young women, kids, at the hands of one from the list above, truly, we are hard put not to acknowledge them as Pariahs.

Yet, again, there are some who would list the Prostitutes as those who are putting a black mark on the face of Society.
Some would label those who abuse Liquor, drugs, Government funds (Welfare funds, food stamps, fraudulent use of Social Security, etc.) as Pariahs.
Sleeping agents, terrorist, would be labeled as Pariahs.
Attempting, planning to put a blemish on, or usurp the American way of life.

Able was, out of two brothers, alone in understanding the Worship and the fellowship of God.
He died for what his brother thought, estimated, and adjudged as weak, and of no use.
He understood that it was under “Representation”, Substitution, a innocent’s blood must be shed. I’m not good enough, were his estimates for the approach unto God.
He gave the lesson, Cain refused to learn.
I am my brother’s keeper, otherwise he would not have followed the instructions (from Adam, and Eve’s recounting, the coats of skins, innocent blood, foundation laid), no he pushed himself out of the way. Self out of the way.

He would not have called Cain; “Pariah”.
Instead, it was because he represented, like no other before, for this now was human blood.
“Thy Brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground”
So it was that Cain was not slain.Because Able’s blood, caused God to understand.
So it was, that Able not having stood before God and pled for Cain’s blood, saying “Lord he will bleed us dry”.
Yes, his blood did sound off the roll call, I am here Father.
So it was that the mark was placed upon Cain that he would receive, mercy instead of the death he merited.
By man’s standards, “I am not my Brother’s keeper.”, he would be called a Pariah.
But that monument, Society, is not unto God, but unto man. And so man would assess fellow man, as Pariah.

Keep your Brother, care for him. Intercede on the behalf of your brother, as God was prompted to do, recognizing not, an eye for an eye but mercy instead, placing a mark upon Cain.
The mark of mercy is this life.
Take advantage, and choose correctly the shed blood of Christ.

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