Sports Frenzy

A great body of us are overtaken by it.
We spend days thinking about the defeat of our favorite team. Mad at them, or the ones who lead them to the spotlight.
A loss, we take personal.
Friends who favored the opposing team, poke fun at us, like a good sport we endure the ribbing. But are we really so perfected that we don’t feel the jibe.
Perfectly unaffected.
Not diminished. To feel somewhat ridiculed.
It has boiled down to investment. Choice. Win or lose we identified with the outcome.
We invested in the hopes that our conversation, our vote, picks, would vest us with great laurels. Even the least among us does this.
To identify with value.
I can pick the winners, I can pick the best actors, best picture, done in the hopes of vesting ourself with the identity of a ability to pick a winner.
Picking the one who will win a election….etc., to identify with a value given to me because I am the hotsy totsy.
And then just let me meet with a individual who has dissappointed someone, perhaps a drunk husband, perhaps a failing drug addicted son, or daughter, one perhaps who can’t seem to hold down a job, and don’t I say with a great show of indignation…..”Why dontcha just step up to the plate….”

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