Yes, like it or not, we are contaminated.
In an ocean of assessors, we assess.
We look at a thing, let alone sense its preference, and we judge, and our judgment is impacted by our preferences.
So, small wonder that philosophy is born, and so ensue countless debates as to what is real and what isn’t, and as to whether man can ever truly perceive reality due to inherent prejudices.
And that (those debates) is how we add credence to our significance. We fill the void with a sense of self import. Ha ha!
Make me laugh.
Yes, pathetic. So like a child in search of “look at me, hey look at me!”
The true import or significance of “Existence” is wasted upon us.
The purpose of life is lost upon the great debaters.
So what are we, the contaminated, supposed to do?
We should, for one thing examine the futility of our continuance in the charade of our perception of life.
We should, get past the perpetuated incorrect image that Christianity has been dressed with in the public eye.
Take a closer look.
No, it must be without fear, for it is a good outcome which awaits us
It is packed with answers to all of our lifelong questions, our despairs, concerns, heartbreaks and sorrows.
Why, why is it that it boils down to this.
So complex.
So infused with cobwebs of misdirection.
We are insects trapped in the strands of the Spider’s weaving.
Why so complex?
Because it has taken us long to build this tower of Babble, yes, not a misspelling.
The web is filled with trivialities, which are so negotiable, in trade purveyed by the countless souls, misdirection, and a inability to put things into areas of prominence becomes an infirmity.
Satanic genius.
We are contaminated.
God help us.
Begin by helping yourself.
Get hep baby, get hep.

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