His Hand, Though Weighty…

Listen, admit right now, for your own good.

There are some gains we are in possession of, at present, Spiritual Powerful gains accrued in our lives which would not have been possible to attain, had circumstances not been enhanced by the weight of His Hand.

It could be a illness we have, it could be a handicap, it could be a weakness, and very likely it is something we have been ashamed of.

Thus is the weight of His Hand.

Were it left up to us we might have chosen the opposite of circumstances.

But that would have been to discard this treasure we now possess. This Character He has taken the time to forge.

“Do you know what I like about Mike?” He said. This was one of my antagonists at work. He felt me a threat, because the owner of the stores loved me.

It was a surprise to me that he would say this.

I had been hospitalized prior to this. I had been assaulted while on the job, by five African Americans (I grew up calling them blacks, because they wanted it that way, and mind you, as a Puerto Rican, I have Negro blood in me, I take pride in this.).

He went on in answer to the silence round the table, eight of us congregating at work; “He was sent to the Hospital by black men and I have not once heard a word from him of hate in regard to the black people.”

Of course I did not hate blacks. But to hear this guy say this placed before me the presence of the Hand of God in my life.

It was something I had taken for granted.

Back in the gangs it was a mixture of dudes. One thing joined us together, one brotherhood.

Even this event, described me, rounded me out. This man who was jealous of me for the place I held in the eyes of the owner of the stores we worked in, was compelled to proclaim this facet of my character. A character which in spite of many handicaps, had been insured by the weighty Hand of God in my life.

We want to say, at times when good things happen to us, that God is Good, but if you truly wish to proclaim the goodness of God, just contemplate the fact, irrefutable, that He is what He is (Good) even if we don’t have good things happen.

He does not need us to blow a trumpet for Him based on the good things in our lives. No.

We cannot enhance His Grace, His Love, His configuration.

We don’t possess His goodness otherwise we would know it and shut up. Shut up and go through the trial, and baptize His goodness with the tears.

He is good and will not be added unto by our tarnished praise.

He does not require our praise to elevate Him to the status of Good.

Cry if you must, but know it, for it is of this, that faith is thus constituted.

Of the humbled, who through breaking are made humble.

Thanks for reading (please like and comment). Sincerely, your brother; MAO

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3 thoughts on “His Hand, Though Weighty…

  1. Reblogged this on andnowmiguel and commented:

    From the Vaults of the history of this blog. I hope you enjoy the time travel.
    Crazy interesting post.
    All about God’s hand, heavy at times, yet heavy for our sake. Take it like the dirt, the dust we return to in death.
    And why? Because the body appears to describe the illusion, the temporal, our putting stock in a thing which will not be present at the judgement before our “we”, our “us”.
    Too much noted already, read now…..


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