Shooting On Campus

Eight dead.


How can this be?

An American tragedy.

Sorry for the loss.

We all mourn the loss.


The despicable fiend, imagine, to do such a thing…

Why did this happen?

We donate blanket, generic statements.

“People are sick, nuts, insane.”

“What else can be expected, what with all; The drugs, Alcohol, Pornography, the internet…..”

“And what about those gun control laws..”

But in truth, SIASD (stupid is as stupid does).

They are a product of the main body, a product of the whole.

We have as a whole, the identity which helped to produce this event. Oh yes it is true we will not admit to this. “I am not my brother’s keeper” is another way of separating myself from my brother. I’m not accountable for his place on the map.

I don’t know where he is. And just think, this shirking of any responsibility came after the “doing” (Able was slain already) . If I were in need of an analogy it would argue that; We have taken part in the “doing”.

Hear me out.

It is taught that everything in a dream is you.

Did you know that all the characteristics, which show up in your offspring are isolated traits farmed out by you and your mate, or who ever was guardian to them. Though you can say; “You know____has this trait which I have…” The truth is that all the characteristics displayed by all (no exception) your kids are traits which you farmed out. You farmed them out, subconsciously, consciously. IE: your hopes, your fears, all the quagmire which lies within you is fulfilled in those children.

Undoubtedly there are things you don’t wish to take credit for, but this is the reality of it, your kids are a tell. A tell tale of your configuration.

It all comes out in the wash and they get it.

And so it is with those who inhabit and do deeds in America; They are a product of the whole.

Stupid is as stupid does; As one collective entity, we inevitably paint the canvas with the colors of our hopes, dreams, despair, and fears.

This tragedy.

We are our brother’s keeper.

A great self orientation needs to take place in America.

When we draw close to that individual who gets points by poking fun at another one who is not as “cool” as he/she, we are giving body to the voice which the picked on will walk away with in their head.

It is that substantiated (by our siding with the jester’s) voice, which will discomfort that poor soul who already fears that they don’t fit in, will make that a harrowing day. Bed time comes and perhaps they will yearn for a pill which will silence that voice. A drink.

And yes, a deed, perhaps a deed will silence that voice.

We have built, a Coliseum, America is one huge Coliseum to this; See the comedy shows, poking cruel fun and this practice gains a unrealistic innocence.

The Cinema, etc.

Our blessed stamp of approval. And yet these same kids who gain momentum and notoriety for poking fun start doing it out of fear, also.

A self orientation is needed, a truth bar needs to be set.

Thanks for reading, sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;


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