The Vicious Cycle Revisited (part two)

We, last spoke about the model which Paul illustrated for us of the individual who doesn’t exactly do what he wants (consciously) to do, but instead brings about those things he does not wish to do.

The Vicious Cycle.

An imprisonment which we so much desire deliverance from.
Which deliverance is attainable if we dare to find out the composition of this phenomenon. Yes we will need a bit of guts to tear apart this mystique laden, yet powerfully driven hell.

“Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?”; says the Apostle Paul.

What does this mean exactly, what does this statement entail?
We can see, to begin with, two things in the context;

A) It is a mystery to the person caught up in the Vicious Cycle, doomed to repeat it, yet ironically, though one’s self is bringing about, fulfilling this madness, the dream, desire, wish to be delivered, quite frustratingly is voiced from this drowning soul.

And; B) “The Body of this death” It is an Ordinate. Yes, just like the ordinates in flux, in space, a force of Nature. The phrase, the body of this death, encompasses a scheme, a plan, a dastardly component set in motion. A mechanism which will appear, and function as if it were unbreakable (but it isn’t).

But isn’t this the way, precise way that it should appear? Yes, imponderable. Dilemma type.
Our weight, our burden, since we do have a burden, then why should it not attain a stage, a manifestation. Yes, why not. Who is to say different!

The “Body of this Death”, describes a thing cosmic, universal in effect, cannonballing and wreaking havoc, as if it were Hell itself being illustrated (it is!).

Yes, sounds like I’m attempting to scare the beans out of you, drown you in anxiety. But this is something I learned a long time ago; To absorb anxiety, in order to deal with the system which set it in place.

Patience, we will go on a journey which will untangle this mess. We must give semblance to the monster, that we may discredit it, and send it scurrying back to the hole it crawled out from.

Stock up on this word, to begin with; “Discredit”
We will discredit this ordinate which seeks to destroy your life. By discrediting it we disempower it.

But remember; This will come about because knowledge leads to the Armament of Faith.
Yes, you are in a prison created, brought about by ignorance.
You are flailing at the air.
I will, through instruction, equip you with the Clarity you need.
Yes, the power of faith must not be underestimated. We employ faith in our daily life, of which employ, we sleep on. Such is the power of faith. It can be employed subconsciously. But if we set about to breed its employment willingly, then it is that we have purpose, direction. A conscious plan. Making us formidable. This is my goal, and your goal, to bring this Fiend out from the shadows that we can strip it of all its portend, by putting ourselves into the original plan, discrediting it, by defining it.
It will become facile (easy) as we go along.

Please return to part three (should be out in about an hour and a half).
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Sincerely; MAO

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