To Illumine Our Dark Corner

Significance; A loaded word.

Yes loaded, though we remain clueless that it is loaded.

Clueless because of what we are afraid of; The truth.

We can’t handle the truth. Much, we would rather twist the truth. Forge our own version of the truth. Customize the truth.

We live Significance rather than live life. We begin by deceiving ourselves as to who we are. Yes this is Significance at work. To light our corner by ourselves. In seeking this practice we actually cover, occlude the only real light there is which might illumine our corner.

Significance is a double edged sword. It is loaded with fear. This capacity of Significance is what suffices to drive us. Fear of insignificance. Another duality. Because we fear insignificance is why we seek significance.

Why is it (here’s another duality at work) that (mark my word) when we fear a thing coming to pass, in fearing its probability occurrence, we empower it at times to the point of fulfillment, making it come to pass.

Prophetic indeed. So it is with our fear of insignificance.

It harbors an inherent, warning, it is a loaded word, a loaded, heavy and precarious preoccupation.

Surrender, and submission are better words. Better suited preoccupations which extend to take us a greater distance towards accomplishing the lighting of our corners.

We don’t require the artificial light of “significance” which is compounded by the true tragedy it extols. Yes, we are driven to questing for significance because we are all runaways. We run from the truth

We run away from our home. Our home is with God. We distract one another. We build dynasties of drama. Crowned with loud voices extolling our accomplishments. This makes it temporal. Only fools who review history will read about, hear about our exploits. A splash in the pan. This is no true immortality. This is nonsense.

Adjoin yourself to God and you will have true signification. Your soul is immortal, did you not know this?

You are it; your soul. You and the soul are inseparable. You will be there in Waste, or Salvage, after your corporal existence terminates.

For true Significance, not a loaded one which ends in Waste, adjoin yourself to God.

Your corner will be illumined with truth, answers. No questioning fear to drive you out of anxiety, questing.

True Christianity has, attached to itself, so much substance which disowns it. Belies it. Yes, if man should insert his preferences to vesture it, many will be led astray, and Satan laughs.

Careful how you assess a thing.

God never intended for this aversion to exist relative to Christianity. Use your intellect.

Suffice it to say that we thirst for significance, because without His Spirit we lack Significance. Don’t waste your energies lighting your corner with your deeds.

Let God illumine your Corner. Find out the truth.

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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