The Face Of Religion

How does humanity envision Religion?

“Some people need it.”; They say.

What is meant by this?; The outcasts, the emotionally disabled, the impoverished (financially), the dregs of society: They need it, religion.

It keeps them in line and it makes them more useful to the great monstrosity we sculpt and comprise; Society.

And you know what….

Strangely enough, lots of folk turn to the religious institution with this same desperation as described by these folk who say that they don’t have a need for it.

So it would appear that Religion and God are actually two separate concepts as surmised by the average person.

No wonder that there has been a movement to separate Worship from “Religion”. And this (afore stated) is a good way to dress up both, IE Worship and Religion.

One is Worship in the sense that it is a genuine interest in God. Who is God, what is God, can we know Him, can we see our corresponding place in His scheme?

Whilst the Concept of Religion has been hijacked. Appropriated by the world. How? In this way; The world sees Religion as a Class remedy. This means that out of the productive segment which Society comprises, comes out a class which is none productive which can actually be reintroduced to it (Society) by the Religious conglomerates.

Now, the sort of docile individual who subconsciously buy into this, do precisely that. They seek to Superstitiously employ the Supplier of that institution’s faith to enable them to be better participants in the Societal entity.

What this last boils down to is this; (and mind you, this is full of irony) that the folk who approach God like this (that he would make them useful to society) are still attached and a product of that same monster.

It is ironic because we (Christians, actual Worshippers) are supposed to be “Sojourners” here, merely passing through. We are, and have been constantly reminded through the process of intuition that we don’t belong here. We are a “Peculiar People”, just like the precious chosen people of God were described. We are the Elect.

Not for nothing do we not jive with the monstrosity which takes itself too seriously so seriously in fact that they relegate the Work and intent of God to a factory which refurbishes the inept, and disabled.

Inadvertently they elicit a worship which is an extension of those houses of religiosity which suffice to outfit their ideal.

So this last being true then you must cast your lot between one of the two.

Excelsior and ’nuff said.

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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