Immutability, Subjectivity, And Fluidity

Immutability; not mutable; unchangeable; changeless.

Subjectivity; the state or quality of being subjective

Fluidity; the quality or state of being fluid.

Human being’s moral positions are fluid, for the most part. I don’t know if you’re familiar with “Rain”, a classic short story by W. Somerset Maugham? In it a preacher on a island struggles to convert a hooker. He pleads with her, appeals to her soul for her  conversion, etc., etc..

She winds up converting him (a night of passion). He had been a missionary, with wife on the island. He cuts his own throat by the rushing waves at the beach. His religion was a bit too much for him to bear.

Of course, his conversion was a powerless one. No power for regeneration. If it had been, his own conscience would have warned him as to where this preoccupation with this one hooker might have spawned its roots.

We are fluid.

You think you know someone, and they change up on you. You count on someone and things change.

We are fluid.


Our susceptibility to subjectivity can cause a image to congeal in our minds of a individual. We picture a person in the image we subjectively compiled of that person. It is convenient to do so. It also diminishes our anxiety concerning the unknown to compile within various compartments in our mind, tags which describe this person for us.

How sad. Nevertheless true. We draw comfort from the illusion.

We come into this world with the building blocks for anxiety.

The Void within.

Our assessments are subjective. We are subjective. We are not immutable in our affections. This is why we should not rely on our affections. They are subjective. This is why the weak knees when facing a traumatic situation, why shock, crisis will make us come apart at the seams (who did the stitching? Why, of course, we did).

We are fluid. This is why we love drama. Our grandiose displays of affection are our times of the “great shine”. Even the word “grandiose”, shows how we want so bad to affiliate with God. Spanish; grande, and dios. Big and God.

Looking for akin (close) to God.

Wow, we are fascinating, but fascination is a fleeting human preoccupation.

If one eternal thing you remove from this, let it be that only God is good. Therefore He must be manifested through me, in order that any good thing can come from me, including emotion. I must be able to display Him. He must inhabit me.

From this fluid me, all that is requisite is submission, surrender, death to self.

All the above that His fluidity can flow through me. He is immutable. The only thing which is eternal, never changing. His fluidity will never betray Him.

He breaks the, what to us are natural laws, immutable. Yet they will not withstand Him.

The crossing of the Red Sea, the Resurrection. He is the great “I Am”.

The standing order of Creation. The First and the Last.

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