If You……

Feel lonely, feel loneliness, it comes in, in waves of sorrow, pangs, suspirations.

Of course you didn’t know that this is inherent in the human. And what’s more remarkable (and you know this) is that you can be surrounded by a well of people and still feel lonely, if not a single one reaches out to attend to your need.

Recognition, some respect, some sincerity, is all you ask for. But no one answers the call.

A even share is all you ask for. But would that be followed up with some drama, some entanglement which might seek to diminish you. You feel others get their share, so why shouldn’t you?

Be careful what you wish for…

However, this thing you identify as “loneliness”, is actually a destitution which you possess within.

If you…..

Feel that you are different, so different in fact that you desperately pounce in on a small gathering at the soda machine, or coffee maker, and contribute a remark, in order to demonstrate, “Hey, see, I’m not so inept, see I can contribute a thing or two to your little jolly gathering.”

But you are left feeling that they don’t accept you or your bid, don’t understand you. You are the alien inhabiting a human body. What happened, what created this individual that you find your self to be?

By responding like that (trying too hard), you loan credibility to what it is they put substance into, the big lie. You become one of the Goats.

I have good news for you, yes I do, truly.

They navigate about this ocean of social circles quite well simply because they have invested one hundred percent into the illusion. This means that should something disrupt this stage they thrive upon, they will be caught floundering.

These entity would likely fall apart, without a stage.

And another thing; You have never bought into the Great Charade, never been able to assimilate self into it because (doyee), you weren’t meant to.

You are special.

In what way?

Because you have intuited what they cannot intuit. They lack Intuition. Remember, they are blind. You are not blind, you are intuitive, you are special.

It is the knowledge of that intuition which disables you in joining the drama, the charade they, the blind perpetuate. It is fear that makes them blind, fear which drives them to so smoothly play a part attached to the big Charade.

In your case, your intuiting is so powerful, that it is a subconscious drive which forbids you to be like them. You are special. The roles assigned in life, the stigmas attached and given value are superfluous. An exaggeration of a lie.

The answer to all you seek, to which your intuition is pointing you to, will not be found among the scales of the human tragedy.

What you seek is in God, whose voice, whose call you have intuited

An admission; I had written here, something which said close to, “Not a Church..”. Admittedly, I was wrong. I retracted that. The point is that as bad as the Church bodies (Physical Church, as in a social congregation) have got, you will still need a starting point, especially a good one. I recommend a Baptist Church, though if you are sincere, and join a clean Spirited Body of believers, and study the Word of God for all the things, foundationally you read about in my posts and those the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to; You will have a solid foundation. I’ve seen Churches which have closed the doors for Sports Events, that’s nonsense. This is why, not all members are a good example of Believers, and need to sidestep some things they adhere to.

But yes I urge you to join a local Congregation, and a international group would be best. I have found that the Baptist Church adheres more closely to the Doctrines of the Bible.

The Word, yes, start with that.

There’s is so much more I want to say to you, but sometimes less is more.

Thanks for reading, sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at
https://www.facebook.com/BiblicallyReferencingHumanNature/ And the blog;


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