The Dregs Of Life

the most worthless part or parts of something:

“the dregs of society”

synonyms:scum · refuse · riffraff · outcasts · deadbeats ·

The above are not my words but copied from a definition online and pasted.
Yes, those who you will usually find in Prisons, Homeless Shelters, and Mental Institutions.
I count myself among them.
I have been in two homeless shelters.
I learned a great deal while there.
I have spent a great deal of my life utilizing time and energy discrediting stands, beliefs held by the populace. Yes I’ve been a rebel. An anarchist of a sort. But I have not been so in a superficial way. What do I mean by this last remark?
I mean, for example; Barabas
On the surface of the human stage, drama, he visibly sought to deliver the Jewish Nation out from the Roman Rule.
Visibly, notably. Something which might hit the newsstands.
In my case, what I did was not so obvious yet it tallies likewise that I was practicing a form of Anarchy.
Perhaps you are also, umm???
I hope so.
In High School, I was prevented attending classes for approximately 80 percent of the School year due to Chronic Asthmatic Bronchitis.
In my 11th year, I came to class to take the Math final. The next day, my teacher, with a big, big smile on her face announced; “Guess who scored the highest on the test?”
We had two Asian girls in the class, a Chinese and a Japanese. Their names hit the sound waves.
“Miguel Oquendo.” was the teasing Teacher’s answer.
Surprise, permeated the class room.
I too was surprised.
That year I was summoned to the Dean’s office. While waiting outside, seated, was placed on my lap, my Student file. This was done by a Office assistant.
I perused it.
Wasn’t supposed to.
I read the following;
“Miguel Oquendo, is a genius. Every task he takes to accomplish, he excels in. He’s…..”
“What are you doing, you aren’t supposed to open that up.” Snatched from my hands.
The Deacon called me into his office then.
The great news for me on that morning was, I was to be left back. I was called to his office so that he could explain to me the term, “Mandatory failure”.
I was getting a mandatory failure due to Absenteeism.
I was so heartbroken that I dropped out of High School did not go back to repeat the eleventh grade.
I reasoned that my Mom needed a extra income for my Pops had left home again.
I went to work.
It was ingrained in me to fear failure (criticism in the home).
And so I subconsciously came up with convoluted plans aimed at diminishing my anxiety due to fear of failure.
Subconsciously my Asthma was designed to enable me to discredit the School System, and the values, and the expectations of Society.
The gauge within computed; 80 percent absent, yet would score higher than all those who through fear were more pliable, kept in line.
Yes I am a rebel. Always have been.
All done because I answered the Challenge. Look at how simple this all is;
The expectations of the world (mankind), invoked anxiety within me, And all my life (including the Math Final) has all been one concerted (Body and Soul) effort to discredit the system.
The dregs of life have always been discounted.
You are special.
If you suffer from Anxiety, depression, etc., etc……..
Find your place in the scheme of things. Be not dismayed, for God has arranged your circumstances for His Glorification. You have been created with the express purpose of being an Agent instrumental in bringing Glory to God.
What a inconceivable privilege is yours.
Do not be dismayed, for you are the outcome of much consideration.
Thanks for reading. Sincerely; MAO
I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;

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