As A Rule, We Don’t…..

Yes, it is true.

We don’t generally wish to know the truth.

We’re afraid of the truth. Generally we find, in life, comfort zones and stay there. Why not. Since this practice has proven to keep our anxiety levels down.

No I don’t advocate self torture and self humiliation. Uh, uh, no.

But it is important to understand why God has given us this feature in our makeup. What feature?

This process which triggers anxiety within us when we’re subjected to truths which make us uncomfortable.

We need to understand and appreciate this process. Why? In order to grow as a Child of God. In order to have a better grasp on the big picture.

The Void lies within us all. Somewhat relatively less within a Child of God. One who has come to the knowledge of His Saving Grace. One who has made peace with God.

A Child of God relies on the Filling of the Spirit. One doesn’t trust in God and is immediately “Filled” with His Spirit. No, a chase has to begin and be satisfied. A quest, examining of His Word, a continual study, a sincere search which knows no bounds. Allow the Spirit to Clean House within. As He cleans house, for this intrusion He always leaves a boon, a gift, a pearl.

It hurts. When He examines you within. This is why He leaves you, not empty handed.

The Void within is the earnest of hell. Hell wants to fill us completely. You can tell in the eyes of a person when the Void has great success within such a individual. The emptiness is mirrored. The extinguishing of the initial light we are gifted with upon entry into this sphere, visibly can be seen in the eyes, to have gone out.

The transaction has been completed.

If you have trouble thinking of Hell, then think of Nothingness, madness, and enveloping and consummate dark.

Bleakness. Despair, hopelessness.

What the inanimate object possesses. Without the Life, true life, of God, we may as well be inanimate objects, cease to have consciousness. Imagine, we once possessed the Consciousness of God, fully aware of Him as a reality. Then the Fall occurred. And that consciousness was terribly diminished except for an act of Grace. Jesus is the light that lighteth every man that enters into this existence. This little light is a token which is bearing the hope that we shall want to seek out that Light which is sufficient to Light the whole World.

Jesus, the Son of God.

Every thing you come across in this life which fills you with Anxiety is but a invocation of that Void within where the Spirit of God did once inhabit.

Living in this sphere comprises entirely, and merely of the occupation of silencing the Void; That Satan would succeed in blinding you to the peril we are all in.

Get your priorities in order, please, please.

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