The Vicious Cycle Revisited (part nine)

There is a state of mind requisite.

You must understand, that to come out from under the Vicious Cycle doesn’t mean that now you can reach out and achieve success in the world’s arena.

Why is this understanding necessary?

Look at it like this; We take for granted as a premise, that we can claim as responsible, alone, the event which found its niche in my life to attach itself to various triggers (associative occurrences), this is a misappropriation. A incorrect assessment.

Instead it is given seed by an innate configuration, something we bring to the table of existence, and that very thing, due to our need, branches out and attaches itself to all the drama of life. But yes, specifically to some themes. After all, isn’t that what we place value on, the acceptation formulated by drama.

That is precisely what ties the hands of the Analyst. Merely working with the externals.

I know this is not easy (the aforesaid) to follow, but be patient. I will change the illustrations so that you might see what I’m driving at.

This innate makeup within you which you came into existence with, takes precedence over the earthly drama which we place value upon. It is the conflict you experience which causes you to malfunction according to the things this world places value upon. But your intuitive mind dressed the conflict up with relative symptoms, IE relative to the assessments of this illusion of drama we address as reality.

So, in the eyes of the world you appear to be someone who does not fit, a loser, a outcast, a misfit, a alien, and why is this so?

Because all that terminology secures for them a faith in the system, the reality they have manufactured to give them substantive value: another illusion.

If mankind, which is flawed (there is no such thing as the “normal vs. abnormal” mankind has devised), and in need of redemption (repurchase, rescue), has done well in self deception, devising a world accepted system of weights and measures, a belief structure to challenge God, they must of necessity, make refuse out the ones who point a finger of remembrance to the truth.

Only the sick need the Physician.

IE You cannot advance the cause of the great lie, the great deception, and only serve to inspire anxiety even within them, the icons of worship, exemplar in saying “See what man can accomplish without God, ahh.”

Something better awaits you. Something better than for you to be delivered from your vicious cycle and fall right back in line to compete in temporal things, to the exclusion of the eternal.

uh, uh no, no.

An observation; The Analyst.

Their efforts are designed to bring you back into the loop. To farm you out into the great lie.

fact is that the Analyst can never get to the bottom of things, unless they understand that the Conflict is a natural one. That the event or the occurrence one experiences is but a scenario which connects with the innate, and is thus given substance to by the innate (a condition we bring to this earthly sphere).

The event (whatever that was) is attempting to give credentials to the unutterable within. But due to our Void’s need to live in denial, and to attempt to give us an much needed identification with value, designed to substitute for the absence of the Spirit of God, it is for this reason that drama alleviates the anxiety, and so more credence is attached to the drama, thusly the Analyst is qualified.

His high office is given bona fides.

Return for part 10.

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