Caught In The Struggle For Identifying With Value

Yes it is a phenomenon at play since very early times in the history of humankind.

Street gangs, joining terrorist organizations, adhering one’s self to “great causes”, all perpetuated merely to identify with value.

Yes this is a very common disposition of humankind. Yet very seldom is it examined in its truthful all encompassing light. The reason for the lack of a thorough examination of this phenomenon is simple; Because it points in all sincerity to a remarkable incredulity.

It points to God and Creation.

Science cannot permit this possibility. Such a conjecture goes against all that false science espouses and supports. Ironically the word “believes” can be substituted for the word espouses in the prior sentence. Imagine that, they can believe one thing but yet are determined to discredit our belief in God.

Man’s very nature, his disposition presupposes the existence of God. Man is the monumental proof that God doth exist.

As to the cause of this phenomenon which occurs among the young; The practice (extant, common) of adhering self to a cause, a group…..

It doesn’t point to “science”, though science has a list as long as the Pennsylvania Turn Pike, minus the exits, for you to get lost in, detailing in prestigious pseudo psychological terms, the roots for this phenomenon, and practical modes of alleviating it. If you should examine this proposal you would come to the conclusion that only a Utopic Society can bring the fulfillment of such a solution to bear.

Which amounts (proposal) to a very feeble disquieting plea (spineless, suggestive preaching). Naturally without hope, impetus, all the things which a plea when holding substance, and faith’s solidity, should have.

Faith must reach out and clutch a thing even before it can see it. Faith fuels.

This disturbing practice is produced through a simple format;

A) The home. Infectious. Why? Because of man’s disposition to be contradicting, failing, paradoxical. He is paradoxical because of his plight: The absence of the Life of God in him. He is flawed, so that when he espouses perfection as the banner under which he seeks betterment, it behooves this same “perfection” to boomerang back upon him and adjudge him for his lack, his brokenness (flawed disposition).

B) The kids, the young. They become the instruments, which are employed by the adjudging “elephant in the room” (flaw in man). This is common sense, yet “science” cannot employ this data. And so the kids go forth into the arena of life. A retaliation in response to the oppression in the home. Yes; their souls were strangled there, forced to love and despise at the same time and now go out and enact a “Ode” a play which places them at jeopardy in the name of this “nurture”they were fed in the home. A nurture minus true love, but not lacking in “drama”. Often this is the case, our love is nothing but drama, we think we are in a book. This will not seal the leaks, the imperfection in our composition.

And so, in the end “drama” wins out and lives are not only wasted but also lost. Not to mention, with collateral damage.

The entire bit, young going off to join terrorist organizations, is just a predicament, the predicament of being a product of paradox. Frustration. In need of answers.

Thank you for reading. Follow this blog for the light at the end of the tunnel. You may reblog as much of my material as you see fit to put the word of truth out. Sincerely; MAO

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