What Is The Significance Of…….

The following…….

Adam and Eve enjoyed greatly one another’s company before the Biblical Fall.

How do we come to deduce this?

Something had to have been brewing between them for her to have the power to get him to join her in the disobedience of God’s command. Here is the most remarkable thing; It appears, can be concluded, that they had not yet engaged in intercourse. Yes enough is said to draw this conclusion.

An alluring relationship, they shared, yes, a captivating comfort was enjoyed. A mystery; a kind of “gee” this is intoxicating, enchanting, overwhelmingly spellbinding (but no intercourse, this last, from our perspective, they did not even venture there, umm??).

Some of you might ask (rightly so) “What gives you the right to draw these conclusions?).

Well, we know (It’s in the Word) that they now knew, after the Fall, that they were naked. To have the premeditation of sexual intercourse, intent, one secures the disrobing aspect of the event. Part of the object (respectively important) is to get naked.

They had no need to get naked. They were naked. Possessing the Life of God (His Spirit), Agape love could be produced by the Soul.

The Godly Love. What’s more, Faith was sustaining that Love flow. The Faith flowed freely with no obstruction to thoughts, such as the thoughts which would be the product of disobedience.

Their eyes were opened, means they now were introduced to that part of the drama. The possibility of the experience.

Now, after the disobedience, however…..

Also we see the Creator (acting somewhat in American Idol terms), as Master of Ceremonies, indoctrinating them on the coming events (consequences), introducing conception, as a product of reproduction, which is aided by the opened eyes aiding the journeying into this brand new frontier (pioneering).

Lust for one another is now apparent whereas before the act of disobedience, sex had nothing to do with cementing their relationship.

Yes, sex is now adorned with a little bit of guilt, a trauma handed down to us from Adam and Eve. And don’t be deceived by flagrant demonstrations of depictions of folks who are determined to pose that they have no inhibitions whatsoever concerning sex. Because the mere determination to preach such things, espouse them, speaks tons dualistically, even to the living of throw away lives. Always consider Duality Signification. Unsilenced messages are demonstrated Dualistically in folk’s behavior patterns.

The fact that reproduction was added unto sex means that there is an obligation, a responsibility tacked on. In other words, a whole new program was to begin processing.

The inception of, not only a stage, but a packaged drama to follow. As if our history, is adventing a moral, a lesson. Yes, life is a lesson, but life is not Life. Hard to get this, I know. Don’t, however, make too much of your self, for it, the life we live is but a lesson. A lesson pointing to us obtaining what could have been ours in Adam and Eve.

All this concludes our dissatisfaction.

Paradise, fellowship with God, an attachment between couples which possessed allure, attraction not attempting to fulfill itself in intercourse, but in the intimacy of togetherness.

Get me right, please! I’m not saying that we should create a society to worship the practice of such an ideal, I merely seek to emphasize our hunger, our yearning for our lack.

A lack which like it or not shows up in our dreams at night.

Yes, those times, you sob in your sleep, tears on your pillow, and go back to sleep. The absence is adorning your being, the loss is impacted because dreams have that power of resolution. Your  mind manipulates images of past or present romances merely to sustain the drama, the pain is more primordial than those flimsy images the mind contrives to relegate a bigger truth.

Yes, truth is subconscious. Intuited. What more do we need to warn us that all else is the vanity which subscribes to negate the truth. This humongous well of drama which serves but to procure for us a image of “significance” designed to make a mockery, a blaspheming idol intent upon usurping attention, love and focus away from our Loving God who simply and alone wants our hearts, our love freely flowing, under the conviction of recognition that our true nurture will be sufficed in Him.

For He awaits, willing to restore Paradise to us.

Overlooking our faults, our lacks. With the Power to heal, and to enlist.

Thank you for reading. Sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at https://www.facebook.com/BiblicallyReferencingHumanNature/ And the blog;


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