A person makes a (x) number of premeditated years’ plan for success. He/she sets out by the plan (date/month/year), taking the first steps to carry out that dream. Deadlines are set. Goals are measured.

The calendar and clock march on with his/her companionship.

A person has been attending a job, a post for years on end never having taken a day off. Well or unwell.

Robert Burn’s poem; “To A Mouse”

He was plowing a field, and turned up the nest of a mouse. He wrote the poem, apologizing for turning up the habitat and chasing it out, disrupting the comfort, the plans, expectancy of the mouse.

Below is the 7th Stanza;

But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
In proving foresight may be vain;
The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley,
And lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain
For promised joy!

Often go astray, awry (Gang aft agley:???).

There is no secured ownership of the lane for the mouse. It (occurrence) but proves that our meager foresight can be the product of presumption. We can be compared to the mouse. Our plans, are laid for the sake of the goal we desire, we’ve laid up a reward, a promise of joy to be procured. In planning, we reap the image alone, whereas in the passing of time, we are faced with the reality. Doubly now, is the grief and pain enhanced due to expectation.

Whatever the circumstances without the plan, might have been dissatisfying, yet not coupled with failed attempts, enhanced by unpredictable circumstances.

Yes, of course, the paragraph above does appear to temper our human practice of “hope, and positive outlooks”. Hoping for the best. But hoping for the best does not couple automatically, the fact of predicting, and laying plans. In fact one can;

A) make plans, calculated, requiring implementations, and hope for the best.

B) One can hope for the best, and not make plans requiring implementations, and goals with timeline predictions.

Always be at your best, but remember, “His will be done”. Acceptation. Forbearance, permitting God a place, we cannot remove Him from.

Again; Yes, I know that, sadly man has been misled to conclude that all is chaos, and whimsy. There is no rhyme or scheme to events. Yes, seeing things in this way, God takes some waylaying, and blame.

More than anything the above perception should serve to inspire that; Homegrown then by such a thought is that it is futile to make plans. Yet man is inspired by such circumstances (which prove otherwise: shush!) to think that “character” itself is to be created by them. So he reserves the right to test himself. Do you not see how vain this all amounts to in the portraiture of man.

The signature ribbon for all this is “Drama”. The mouse’s assumption.

Continuance, and permanence belongs to God. He is permanence.

We can be entertained watching a Sitcom where the center piece is a character who faces everything blowing up in his face, then with an amusing smirk, pretends that he orchestrated this, to get us to laugh with him, instead of “at him”.

But that’s a comedy, oh, wait a second…..

Both are.

Man created, in Adam, his downfall, was responsible for the calamitous circumstances we strive in, having lost the Paradise we were originally provided by the Creator. We created chaos, and whimsy.

Now we want to make out that it will forge our “better product”. Imagine, this memorial which should lead us back to our creator, we instead make out that it will “Phoenix” us.

We want to perpetuate the height of futility.

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3 thoughts on “Continuance

  1. “I make plans and then life happens.” We seek a plan because we are human but when I set a plan in motion, I know it isn’t likely to end where, when, and how I planned it. So, I trust God to take care of me as I go and accept the outcome as His perfect plan for me and the greater humanity that I am part of. Drama is born of self-centeredness. Christ-centeredness produces contentment. My thoughts in response to the springboard of your good post.

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  2. Reblogged this on andnowmiguel and commented:

    Here yet again is an old post. I wish I had worded it a bit different because I tend to fold a thought within a thought. I hope you like it. Also keep in mind that you will find here the roots of a famed saying (excerpted poem, not mine).


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