The Psyche

So much division in the world, not only amongst humans, but within every individual. This is not unprecedented by the Scriptures. Not just in the platform external events, but also in man’s internal configuration, the Scriptures detail this division.

I spent many pedestrian years upon the face of life, craving to understand existence, and humanity and events. It was like a needle (me) trying to become animate enough to make its way out of the proverbial haystack.

As proof that He is in control, I am possessed of a sense, yet no breakdown for how I got here. For it is His work, His Spirit.

Today I can see, I can make sense out of the chaos. I am however left with the feeling of displacement; To wit, “How did I reach this point”. The reason for this feeling is that, attribution belongs to Him whom all of our conjectures fall completely short of. Yes, He takes us to places we would not have gone were it not for His Eternality, His unsearchable depths of understanding and purpose. His power.

I know that this all begun with my wanting to Know Him. Eternal Life with Him, I wanted.

Man’s Psyche. It is his true psychological makeup which speaks of God. His very essence which attributes to him a disparity, a psyche which, though it has a energy that drops him off at various enterprises, indulgences, industries of endeavors which, though providing purpose in the mind, are fractious in manifestation. How pitiful we present our selves upon the face of the earth.

So bad is this perpetration, that even the portrayal is affected by the people of God, for it is a alien spirit, and not the Spirit of God. Man’s psyche is subjected to the confusion, and even God’s people can be sidetracked. Some would wish to fault these then as not being God’s people for having been misled. I think that would just be making too much of yourself and what you have been gifted with. Sticking your nose in the air and not acknowledging; “Were it not, but for the grace of God…”

Man’s psyche.

It tells of the truth. The truth that the Biblical account is not a fable. We are descended from a Fallen creation. Not created fallen, but chose to fall. Not abandoned by God, but one who pushed God away. “Let me make it on my own”. The Tower of Babel.

Insecurity inhabits our psyche. We compensate with substance abuse, performance enhancers, help us to lie to self.

There is no life outside of God.

“I will choose God, but please, just a few more tries, allow me a few more tries to make it on my own.” The answer?; “Here take these vegetables and fruits, from Cain’s garden, offer them to God, see what he will say…”

Sin yet lieth at the door. You need a new bloodline, to enrich all of your endeavors.

Jesus is the new bloodline, Abel’s lamb was but a foreshadow of the coming Lamb of God. He is your only offering. Faith in it is yours pending to give.

Thanks for reading, sincerely; MAO

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