Was the lovely Marble Artistic Sculpture already waiting to be released from the block of Marble, ere the artist conceived it within his mind?

Did the confined sculpture implore the conscience of the Artist to release and realize it?


Was the work of art waiting to be delivered from the confines of the Marble?


I’d be deeply tempted to say; Yes.

Happenstance, we conclude it to be, because it lends import to the role we play. But this is a mere gift to us, this so called happenstance. To alight upon the consideration, turning this into a illustration, an analogy, summons forth a “childlike faith”. A possibility accommodated with power.

You see, faith is “circular”.

We are like the work of art, struggling to evade the fate of remaining unrecognized, unappreciated, while we lie in state.


Yes, it is the Void in us we wish to evade. We intuit that it means “Designation”, yet we are not aware that it propels us forward utilizing inevitability, pulling the wool over our eyes quite successfully.

Yes, it deludes us into thinking that the others, in like tragic circumstances, imprisoned as we, will supply us with worth, value, accreditation, approval, acceptation.

Credentials, qualifications to equal recognition, praise and appraisal.

Our fellow sojourner is in the proverbial “Same Boat” as us, same block of Granite, Marble, tree trunk, etc..

We turn to one another for support. Working side by side with the “Superstition of good works”, we solace one another, trudge uphill with the chains of condemnation linking one to the other. Weary yet we keep our chin up, thinking “positive”, thus employing the will in place of heartfelt faith.

Think positive, keep the perpetual smile of denial upon your face. Brighten the world with the smile of commitment, no matter what deniability it promotes. No matter what lie it propagates. In this case the lie that we are not in a poor and solemn state of disrepair and in need of fixing.

Positive thinking is not Fatih. I need to write a post on this (for now must stick to the present theme).

That is putting the cart before the horse. Faith promotes positive thinking, it is accountable for its expansion, its growth. Positive thoughts which emerge from faith are a free Spirit type of demonstrative power from God.

But to attempt regimentation, corralling of our spirit employing the will as a power is actually usurpation. Yes an attempt to give a power to the will it has not attained. An office which belongs to God. Which can be obtained through Faith in Him, and His representative Son.

The aforesaid, though seemingly unrelated to the theme; “Deliverance” as we have started to dress up, represent, is unavoidably related.

Yes we are the Sculpture confined within the block of Granite. Our existence is circumvented by our state of ill repute, “The fallen creation”. The creation, which forfeited the original intent of the Life of God, His Spirit. The abundant life, stretching from here to eternity.

Our very hearts, our concerns, are predicated by our Voided state. The flawed creation. All of our ills are spawned by the Void within where the Life of God once rested. Our condition of disrepair but serves, in His eyes to warrant our deliverance from the block of Granite. Deliverance from the Void, Death within as our designation, oblivion, discard.

The Void responds to all the externals. Is invoked and thus we are challenged to compensate for its very presence. This is why we have build a world system of values, equates, which we impose upon everyone else. We strive to comfort, assure one another, thus covering the truth. The truth remains to invoke our voided state.

God is the Sculpturer. The art work is preserved in Glory, eternally. The life we owed him for the Life He gave us in Adam, He Himself provisioned that Sacrificial Lamb, the substitute. The one better than we, than all of our good works born out of a Voided State.

The submitted offering of Cain, rejected. Our good works.

The Sculpture is in the block of Granite. Can we, our faith envision it in the hands of God.

If we could but envision the released (us) finished item under His sculpturing hands, this, yes this would be the beginning, the allowance, the union of us fitting into His will.


It is He who will admire His Work. Once we envision the potential, believe, trust Him.

Trust His representative who succeeded where Adam failed. We are of Adamic descent.

God has found the way to make us of the descendancy of the “2nd Adam from above”.

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11 thoughts on “Deliverance

    1. It is uncanny how a seed can find different soil and so manufacture a different species of a flower, plant, life form etc..
      It is the Holy Spirit of God putting on the gloves afforded by the different households it pays a visit to, the different pigments to take up a communication.
      How can there not be faith, how can not a string from a thought be pursued?

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      1. I just got my first prints and I cried. The quality is nice. My words spread out for another, like a life jacket; Jesus glorified with each letter. Thank you for the seed, Rev. Something you said made an impact. God is so good.

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      2. Perhaps you did not know, don’t remember if it is in my about page (History), but I am Ordained. Have been referred as the title infers, abandoned that world because I was ready to. Not for everyone. And could even be a stage. I did not disgrace the title, no. But I feared some of the adoration, the high regard, the “reverence”. Sorry you had to hear this under these circumstances, IE for me it was a phase, you however, stay firm (I don’t have to tell you), I have wonderful memories of those days in spite of. You build up yours, and I’m excited for you. You are no dummy so you will do well, but if you ever need some steadying, just inbox (face book) or email me ( Sincerely and much well wishing, love; MAO

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  1. I don’t remember if I saw that or not, but you know…I love what you say about the adoration, etc. I do not ever want to be in a place of adoration or high regard myself, so I totally get it. I do. Even in sharing the journey, I always ask God to keep my ‘self’ out of it and keep Him in it. No matter what. All I care about is whether or not people are comforted, see Him, and when I hear that they are and do, that is the gift.

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