The Power Of Circularity

“It is a circle”, or “it is circular”; If you have visited my blog, you will have noted my use of these two, perhaps esoteric, terms……

Clearing groundwork; No, I was not referring to any geometric terminology.

Today I will talk about two most utmost, and superior Circles in existence. Circles which most of us take for granted. Their presence and power is beyond spectacular, beyond mindboggling.

In fact, it does not matter how well we sleep on them, regardless, they both dominate existence.

Warning; It would be disarming for one to categorize this submission of mine, in reference to these two, as “Philosophical” in makeup.

No, try to understand that there is a great deal which “science” or Philosophy itself, does not comprehend due to “scientific” preferences, and “logic” preferences. Yes, it is irony itself, since both claim to be unbiased and objective in their quest for truth. But there are many Christian thinkers, famous ones, categorically noted throughout history who expounded much renown and logical axioms. Our youth will not study, and in some cases are uninformed as to whether Christian Philosophers ever existed. True, I met one the other day who quite proudly was telling me all about Christianity.

Uninformed, thus unenlightened to the complete story.

Let me at this point say; I care. I care very seriously. I take you very seriously, you dear people, Children of my Creator who suffer from Anxiety, and Panic Attacks. In fact it is my concern for you and this affliction which gave birth to this talk. I became aware through discourse that there is a profound need to be taken seriously by these beloved folk. They are driven to believe that they imagine their symptoms.

No, and once again, emphatically, Noooooooo!!!!

You are not imagining your situation, reception, symptoms. They are real, and others have diminished their reception to such on purpose, silenced the warnings.

Driven by fear, silenced the ear.

Yes, born of Adam, eternity can, and will, and should be frightening, and the innate calls, with discretion to us. Selectively. Circularly.

The Circle is a powerful agent God has placed as a ordinate. It works and will not be ignored. It is your sense of what lies ahead which should supercede, the ridiculous preoccupations we participate in, and lend significant value to.

And no, this subject is not mystical, though I know easily, like so many infiltrations enacted in the pastime of busy bodies, it can be high jacked to conform to mysticism. Unavoidable.

Now to simplify this talk;

Innate Designation will always be Circular in Presence within us. It will be intuited within each and every living individual. Unavoidable. Undeniable. Sensed. Forever sensed.

Whether it will be “haunting”, or most “Glorious” is, and will always be our options.

Innate designation makes itself known from the ground up; IE Early in our lives. In fact the Values this world extols, and Idolizes are all fear based, lubricated by our fear arising out of our Innate Designation.

So, like Burger King; Have it your way.

Circularly, from the end of eternity it reaches into your bowels, makes itself pronounced, most pronounced, that God should in no wise be held accountable for your indifference.

Remember; It is a gift of love that the external occurrences do, through the remarkable process of “Association” invoke at times the Innate Designation. The Void, or in the case of those who have had their “Due Wrath, debt owed” paid in full (Christ upon the cross) to our beloved creator, the overflowing Love and sense of Peace from God Almighty Himself.

I would rather have the latter Designation make itself known to me to squelch the voice of the Adamic Innate Designation.

Yes negative external occurrences will trigger the Voided designation within.

Use common sense; The external occurrences would have no configuration (coloring, dressing)identifying marks were it not for the Innate Designation.

And yes, in the end, this is a Spiritual thing.

That is in fact the name of the game.

Much love. Sincerely; MAO

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2 thoughts on “The Power Of Circularity

    1. That’s very interesting that you should point that out (telling). Several things; A) What would you do with the answers? B) I suppose the post insinuates that we are in need of silencing that voice from our Voidedness which speaks of “Appertainment”. IE Designation.
      C) what if you choose Not to see your predicament, disposed to “believe” that “logical” man established credits and values relative to man’s intellect are more substantive to warrant your expectations of deliverance are more worthy of a stand for you………
      To sum it up; At present, I have done my job, and so the rest is up to the “The Grace of God” for Conviction.
      You see Christianity has been diverted by the people of God, obstructed with the examples which his people, for lack of inspiration and communication skills, have left poor examples of what “The True Gospel” is all about.
      Thank you for being so observant as to point this out (your question…).
      I remain at your disposal, sincerely; MAO


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