Distortions of Joy

This is a excellent study on the effect not only of what is said, but the ear which takes it in. Toss in their the wizardry of using words to manipulate souls.

This was written by my friend Pam witzemann. Visit her blog at joyindestructible.


Words matter. All knowledge and wisdom is contained in words. With our words we either build up or tear down. Relationships are strengthened or torn apart by our words. A parent’s words teach children who they are and how to relate to the world. Loving words increase joy and hateful words increase discouragement. Words matter and as a believer who chooses to share my faith through the words I write, I know God holds me accountable for my words. Every word I write has a life of its own and I am mindful of the forces that my words unleash into the world. I desire that all of my words result in good and not evil. However, they have their own destiny and no matter how carefully I choose my words, I can’t govern the intent applied to them by the reader. Whatever I reveal of my God and myself…

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6 thoughts on “Distortions of Joy

    1. You are very kind and gracious to do so, dear Akhila, but although my blog does not have one of those “award free” badges, it is award free. My reward is in opening up the mundane to folks. I love to see that people have an interest in examining existence and their Spiritual need. I just don’t know how to go about posting a “award free” badge. I’m very poor in computer know how. But I’m very encouraged by your consideration to continue and be diligent with what I do. You have always been of great support, and kindness for what I do. Much appreciated. My blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but God knows the folks He brings to view it. Thank you Akhil, and much sincereness of appreciation for you and love; MAO

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