The Void And Drugs

What is the Void?

Though I’ve explained it before, I cannot assume that no first time visitor to my blog is reading this at the moment.

It is that thing we bring to the table at birth. A Cavity where once the Holy Life of God once did reside to guide us. That assertion began with the first man, Adam. Stick with me, don’t walk away now, just because I have mentioned the Bible as a reference, I promise that if you are as “scientific” as you purport to be, your common sense will be rewarded. Your “open mindedness” will have accrued a very interesting, and paradoxical reward.

First, to add to your astuteness, I point out, that were it not for our innate, and inherent Voidedness, which we bring to the table, none of the external occurrences, negative or otherwise would have a reference point.

Of course, at the incept of my introduction it was easy to relegate the term; “The Void” to something made up. Yes a concept. Strangely looking for a “philosophy”.

However, do not be deceived, there are Christian Philosophers extant. Famous ones to boot, look them up.

To name but three; Kierkegaard, C.S. Lewis, and Augustine of Hippo.

Now, bear in mind that when I proposed; “Were it not for our innate…”, the main thrust of that statement is….

That, the Analyst are being “Enlisted”, distracted. Why do I say this, what is the sum of this remark?

When they refuse to place any substance in the Biblical account of the fall of man, the outcome must follow suit that the Value, the import, substance, credibility…..

Must be loaned to man.

IE man becomes the super entity. Self esteem is distributed preferentially and prejudicially; Quite unsuitable for the “scientific” mind.

A farce.

Satan enlists our ego.

Perhaps you realize by now; I am a Christian philosopher. I, however came up the route of inquiry. A busy student of Psychology books for many years, and striving against Christians, and religion.

By taking up the Sherlockian mantle, magnifying glass and giving self the mission; “Umm, let’s see, what was the trigger which is the root cause of______’s symptomatic behavior”, man then becomes the one, self sufficient ingredient in the equation which will save himself.

About drugs and the Void;

Because, in the past of some individuals, the Void connections made were severe; IE strongly negative external circumstances invoked the Void. It’s impact is more substantial in those lives. The Void is intuited once invoked.

Our lot is, in possessing the Void; Designation, we are headed for discard. Without the Life of God, we are inhabited, possessed of “Death”. Oblivion. Can you imagine if the average person’s intuiting of the Void within, merely consists of humiliating circumstances, how trivial, though, yes hurtful, then magnify that occurrence by the child who was terribly treated like garbage, physically and terrifyingly abused by a damaged guardian, the impact of the Void Connection made there….

Drugs will numb our subsequent perception of the Void within. And you know what….

We will want to take others there with us. Do you get me….

There, to that darkness which has sought to envelope us, consume us.

Do you begin to understand our dilemma as human creations?

Do you begin to see the reality of the Gospel of the Word which is seldom reported, related by the Church?

Thank you for reading. Sincerely; MAO

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14 thoughts on “The Void And Drugs

  1. “In the beginning…the earth was without form, and void…Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.” (see Genesis 1:1-3)

    Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” John 8:12, NKJV.

    “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10.

    “For there is one God and Rone Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus,” 1 Timothy 2:5.

    We have “the Man Christ Jesus” filling the void between God and men. The “Divine Human Being” [King Jesus] fills the void in all of us.

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    1. Dear Thomas thank you for such a beautiful comment. You, interestingly enough, many years ago, as I went through a study comparing fallen man to a fallen earth, is where the seeds were planted to my preoccupation with pointing out to folks that Adam is a voided being, of no negotiable value as far as God is concern unless he indulges in acts of worship and faith (offerings and sacrifices, prior to the cross). And you obviously saw this through the lead of the Holy Spirit. I deduce from your comments, kindred Spirit, Tom.


  2. This is very enlightening concerning drug abuse and thanks -Have a question on different subject-Can I get your take on the phrase -I am just a sinner saved by grace-a sentence or saying that seems to be thrown around by many-Some thoughts?

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    1. Hi Fran, thanks for the visit, always good to hear from you (great supporter). My experience with the saying has been one of “courtesy”, IE when someone attempted to elevate me (for some good deed) in the form of making me a prime example of “good”, the exceptional individual, I would then use the phrase to point out that were it not for God’s grace, total package including Christ’s distribution of His Holy Spirit to bring about good works, I would be “the Sinner”, doing good works to accumulate self righteous deeds credited to him. It is a little self deprecating (the use, and thought) yet not for brownie points if done in the correct Spirit; IE to educate.
      You know me Fran, sometimes to explain, talk on something I might over state the obvious (bear with…). However, yes, sometimes it may be a learned etiquette. A cover, a badge, sheep in lamb’s wool (don’t recollect the term) using codes accepted by the initiated to obtain a place of trust in the initiate’s life. What will you say now? I have run out of things, so please enlighten me as to what pointed this out to you? As always I am left feeling that I did not see your concern, take, etc.


      1. Yes I see what you mean by etiquette and feel as if this could be in many seems very overdone or trite-I don’t think certain people realize the depth of the statement and the over use. It is such an overwhelming gift from the Father and should not be taken lightly and used as just a( what I would call) just a byword or phrase. You have touched very well on answering my question and once again thank you-God Bless and I mean that sincerely-Fran

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  3. I thought of ‘it’ as a black hole and it nearly destroyed me, many years ago. Even after I came to Christ, it took a long time to satisfy the emptiness. I was that damaged child, given alcohol from the time I began to cut teeth, and then naturally picking up the drugs coming into vogue at the time. Christ rescued me, cleaned me up, and then filled in the rest of the void by rewiring my thinking (through studying scripture) and opening opportunities for me to develop as a human being. It’s been a long process but for me salvation and healing has been as much about becoming, as anything else.

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    1. That’s what it is dear, and it wants to swallow us up. A sense of doom, but why?? Due to intuited designation. Thank God for that intuition. Though it is one of ownership and designation, harrowing and leads many to find deep distraction, which can at times enslave us. But thanks to God’s plan of Salvation which when we consider the pain (our history), we see how complex and not to be relegated to a myth or religion, the substance of its early intuition belies us to ignore it and dismiss it as the fraud the world finds more solace from labeling it such. Yes Pam, God bless you for hanging on to your deliverer as you did, to resurface from that black hole. You have a wonderful testimony Pam. Thanks for your comment, I hope many will be blessed by it.

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      1. Because I think too much, it’s easy sometimes to get caught up in the periphery and I have to remind myself of the simple truth. I hope my comment didn’t sound blunt. It’s the season, you know…thank you for your very kind affirmation. God bless.

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      2. Listen, often it is a gift to appear to overthink. People will chide you for it, but often those who do so, are sadly in the dark on a lot of matters, and afraid to think. I would not want to be afraid to think. In fact, were it not for the love of God, my thinking would heap up loads of anxiety.

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