Intuiting The Void

He gave us a two edged Sword.

The implement by which we intuit the Void in us. I told you before, the Void is intuited. Unease, floods of anxiety, insecurity, panic attacks; Yes all these and more, are actual intuitings of the Void.

His Word, also, we are told, is a two edged Sword. Association is a  given in life for us. Can you not see the connection. His whisper, the ability of the “ownership”, the designation within we come into this life with, as flawed creations, which fell and forfeited His Life. Headed for the final Discard, huh?????

All this is true, though you might get the feeling I appear to make light of it. This is not the case. I just tend to get tired of how the world in its majority has created so many distractions to drown out the truth, how center stage is held with the “wind boisterous”, which cuts off the power of God which is able to keep us upon the surface of the water, the judgment, the drowning, the natural laws which dictate that we cannot walk upon the water.

Jesus walked upon the waters, above its ability to drown, extinguish human breath, life. The floods; God’s judgment for us, because in Adam, we owed Him a life.

But listen Children, God broke those natural laws. The natural law which says “this is all there is, live drink and be merry for tomorrow we die”.

Death is not the worst there is. We don’t have to seek immortality in “fame”, success, accomplishments. We do that because we fear death. It drives us. Death is the Void within. And it rules, should we not employ all the provisions God has made for us.

He conquered death. Oh death where is thy sting? Oh grave where is thy victory?

He conquered the Void. Our packaging from birth up, as sons of Adam. Our intuited designation, which confronts us early in our youth. Which drives us to seek immortality on our own terms. Ephemeral, will o’ the wisps. Like a vapor, there one moment, gone the next.

A sense of doom, for me, it was, as a young man. I thank God for it. Because though it brought me much heartbreak, eventually I came to His Knowledge, to His House. I arrived home.

But this is not the case for some of us. The Void envelopes us, and we want to make the statement; “This is our Lord, and death is but a change, so here I come Death, welcoming, and embracing change…”

There are Philosophies which teach of the embracing of death. Of Nothingness. In fact, Jean Paul Sartre’s philosophy on “Being And Nothingness” was launched out of the Void in man.

The impending doom of the Void can lead the desolate, and desperate to reason;

I will take some who inhabit this life with me, those who brought me nearer to my Lord, the Void, those who aided in making the Void louder in my being.

Suicide, mass killing sprees.

The above is something “science” wants answers to. They will never have answers because they have been enlisted by the Void to cover its tracks. To distract us with how marvelous their capacity to “reason” is.

That sense of Doom secondly, insinuated itself in my romantic relationships. Ridiculous. I had to destroy them, peremptorily.

Life is but the smokescreen we created my friends, and things are as easy as Trusting in Christ.

Sincerely; MAO

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