True Pragmatism

So you think yourself to be a pragmatist, huh……

You are greatly comforted by the thought, consideration of self. Rightly so, for you have always had the presence of mind to be practical in the affairs of this life which serve to constitute this title’s bequeathing upon self.

Yes, you, according to pragmatism; According to the rules….

Unaware of other unaccounted rules.

Rules under which, you would come short of being a “pragmatist”.

Nonsense, says you, “There are no such rules”….

Here’s the problem; In what is known as reality (“reality”), you have earned the title of the pragmatist. That, of course, makes you a good little “assessor”. You should be proud of this.

After all, out of the primordial “Assessorship” is from whence our beloved little present day pragmatists come from.

Yes indeed. “The Little gods” a primordial title.

Oh, but you say; that’s myth.

Well, permit us then to look at this from another angle;

You know how the good Con Man employs “the good con”….


Yes, he enlists you, the “mark” unto his little con to be enacted. You play your role, having been enlisted, quite blissfully unawares, until the whole bit drama is perpetrated. Always you are brought aboard; “Enlisted”

It is the same with “Life”, what we think is life. What we know as life.

You have been enlisted. Enlistment is something I write and teach about, often.

When we come into our first experience with a “earthly household”, our first example, taste of enlistment takes place. Here’s what transpires;


Those ideals, appertaining to the heads of the household are transferred unto us. Progressively, with the passing of time and experiences. We sleep on this, but further, here is what continues, follows after this…

These ideals upon which we experienced enlistment, due to contact with, concourse with the rest of humankind….

Become remolded, change shape a bit, are negotiated with by our psyche, our center.

And so, we are subtly, progressively enlisted, once again.

Our values, which we hold dear, are all a product of “Enlistment”.

We are just a puppet on a string, played by a necessary reality we erect, that we might accept existence as a place of comfort and security, familiarity, merely so that we might not lose our mind, were we to contemplate the true reality, true state of things.

The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.

It was no coinkydinc that someone came up with the “Existential” film; “The Matrix”

Subliminally the theme of “reality” was sensed by the creators of the film.

God has thought of everything. I can see these things of which I speak of; Concerning  true pragmatism, and  true reality, due to His Spirit, made accessible to me through His Son at the Cross.

I can see these things, with calmness and peace of mind, due to His Spirit.

Others are disturbed by these considerations. Even a lot of Christians, due to their differing gifts of development under the Holy Spirit. I am not referring to “Spiritism”, please do not misconstrue. I am not adding to His Word, no, I am merely conferring unto thee….

A better comprehension, a clearer understanding, through a…..

more realistic, and truer Pragmatism.

Because you practice pragmatism over what you construe as negotiable items, considerations, which were assimilated by your psyche to reinforce your concept of reality, whereas I employ pragmatism over Eternal Negotiable Quantities.

Mankind’s quest to erect a value system was spawned, launched by his Voidedness. His darkness, held within. The frailty he encompasses due to the absence of the Life of God.

Pragmatism employed in those things (void driven value systems), is a smokescreen, a mere distraction, a ploy void driven.

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