Life’s Uncomplicated Breakdown

Life is simple.

Life is not complicated.

It is we who complicated things, requiring excuses. Excuses to keep our crutches, to cover our imperfections.

In order to keep our excuses, to cover our insufficiencies, mask our imperfections, we tack on that wonderful ingredient; Drama

Drama translates as legend, as myth. And so we idolize mythic heroes. We erect mementoes to them because these monuments of worship lend support to the fallacies which guard our Value. Our efforts, our crusades are protected by myths, drama and outright lies.

Anything that would threaten the idea that man can produce value that substantiates his being here upon this rock called earth must be deconstructed, torn down and demolished. Fear, fear of the truth is what drives us.

The truth of “Ownership”, designation, our condition, our estate.

This is how simple life is;

A list.

A) Man is driven to succeed, and man is driven to self destruct.


B) It is one and the same thing which is responsible for that drive.

C) Because man is a flawed creation, minus real life, the Spirit of God, it is that salient innate intuited truth which drives man to succeed (as man interprets, evaluates, negotiates, success)…..


D) Due to “Duality”, a ordinate extant in life and man, the “Lack”, the Void in man, must also, unavoidably, unequivocably, be manifested in “Like”, IE Not only distancing the truth of its reason for its presence in man by dramas of success, but also, through dramas of failure, dramas of self destruction (substance abuse, Sociopathic behavior, Pathological lawbreakers, etc.).

E) The two sides to the same coin (The Void) are what color the human landscape, the human comedy (drama).

Ever since we, inherited that which took place in primordial time, it has been our lot to substitute the truth with a lie. Adam, our Father, having had forfeited the True Life which God gave him, forfeited it through disobedience, such a deed which demonstrated his inability to evaluate it correctly, appreciate it, so it is that now we are wandering the desert of confusion peopled with countless illusions, symbols of “value”, and we don as many as might suit our preference, and the preference of those who jive with us (have the same preferences we do).

Yes, we are hiding out. Hiding out from the truth.

It is almost as if we esteem this life, existence as the only ride there is, of which duration settles it all. Weighs us according to our efforts of conduct.

But no, the “Piper” awaits us all.

Manifest his life, is my warning to you.

Make no mistake, I’m not urging you to be “Mother Teresa”, I’m not urging you to wish good upon your fellow man.

I’m urging you to take ahold of the 2nd offer of His Life. Before you end this miserable lie of an existence. Not for nothing is Jesus called, in the Bible, the 2nd Adam. This 2nd Adam did not fail, in spite of some of the stupidity you might have heard (Jesus and Mary Magdalen).

God’s Holy Spirit was made available through the complete trial the Son of God went through, “Even unto the shedding of Blood”.

This is not religion, this is the statement of truth, revealing our destitution. Our need, our predicament.

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5 thoughts on “Life’s Uncomplicated Breakdown

  1. I agree, life is quite simple if we eliminate the complex constant of human nature! Only if we give a little more thought to living itself, life would be much simpler!
    Light and Peace, Zahra

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    1. Thanks very much for sharing your insight. Much appreciate it as there are so many in need of having it unraveled, and a great deal of subconscious fear motivating the majority to create distraction. Thanks for the comment, like and visit.

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