Venting And The Void

We spend a life consisting of following our heart. We see a young person, demonstrating art talent, and well intentioned, we go about doing what we can to support this drive for art expression.

Yes, it is true, that some have burdened themselves with obligations which outline a unavoidable consumption of time, and attention.

Perhaps romance, intruded upon their plans.

And yes it is also true that these individuals make an attempt at “Finding themselves”, following their heart even under such obligations. No doubt to some degree, it is a catch 22 situation. Inattention is a price paid to the first vested obligation. One is not able to fully bask in the beauties of that first straddled on obligation.

Unable to count one’s blessings.

Compromise ensues.

How ever, one is convinced that this is being done for the sake of those loved ones, IE a sacrifice for the betterment to all concerned. Catch 22.

To get back to the attempted theme (post)…

The Void loves us to vent it; To mirror it. It is despair, desperation, destitution, deprivation, a great screeching wallowing, and that is outstandingly what life is, a great humongous screech of a wallowing. In fact the Void has got us so manipulated, so deceived that we christen it with many ambitious titles.


Yes, it is true, art forms are great “Void Guises”. Void venting. I’m not condemning them in their entirety, hear me out; God can resurrect anything and imbue it, use it to complement His Will.

I’m a competent craftsman in art.

But Art forms pose a danger to our Souls; How? What in the world am I talking about?

In simple terms; We are taught that with the practice of the art form we vent. We express our “self” (selves). Further, we are told that it is good for the Soul. Hinting that it is a healthy pastime.

Actually, the Void enlists us in mirroring it with the practice of the art form. The more unobtrusive it lies within, if we dramatize its plight with the art form.

Its (the Void’s) mission is to cause us to sleep on its presence. Instant reward is accomplished with the art form.

Crazy huh? Mind boggling.

Yes, we grow in skill. Practice draws nigh to the illusion of perfection. Pride grows within, the pride of accomplishment and skill demonstrated in the art form. The Void has filled our hands.

Mind you, for the Christian, this does not apply. God resurrects art form’s purpose through the resurrected Souls.

Many a artist has exhausted the drive source of the Void, achieved renown, laudatory praise, to end up in despair, used, at the end of his days. A sense of unfulfillment, because rather than the fulfillment of self, he has fulfilled the Void instead!

The golden rule is this; Void Value equals zero value, and, the void always has the last laugh.

Regardless of what art form was chosen.

It can take a lifetime of Void Venting. Discard the mish mosh nonsense; Art (of itself) is good for the soul.

Futility. Without God, all is a product of death.

The guy said; “Can anything good come out of Nazareth”. Yes, because it was our Deliverer, our Savior. A good, good thing came out of Nazareth.

But, can anything good come out of Death? No. The soul is held in the throes of Loss, Death. It wants to live a ballad of sorrow. A legacy devised, and through a art form, mesmerize the rest of the those held in chains.

Impress to suppress.

Much love, friends, thanks for reading, and support, sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;


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