Keep Hope Alive

I’ve written a great deal on the Void in every human being and how it drives us to mirror it in a Dualistic representation of Counterparts; Positive and Negative. But today I wish to talk to you about hope.

About Hope;

Everyone has a bit of hope in them. Some of us find hope in hopelessness. We use hopelessness like a talisman, like a lucky charm. Hoping that through the converse the god of hopelessness might ease up on us.

A sort of conforming. Sometimes done with the implementation of substances we succumb to in abusing. Self annihilation practiced.

“Okay, I see that you understand the imp of fhe perverse, so there is no use my continuing to beat up on you, you glory in the perverseness of things. You win.”

The afore writ, was the reaction to the worshipper of Hopelessness, by the god of Hopelessness, for it transcends beyond circumstances in the eyes of the despairing one, into a religion, a worship. A sort of acceptation.

You win, might as well make a god out of negativity, IE familiarity with despair, and so the true God, becomes by passed and relegated in import.

Varied are the creations of the human psyche in order to cope, subsist, continue.


True Hope, within man (not the perverse born out of weakness attempting to subvert Hope), though a glimmer, is met with the connection it dreams of. Seek and ye shall find….

Why? Why is it, should it survive, met with the very thing it dreams of?

Once again….

This is Circular. Something out of eternity itself, returns unto its offspring. Unto what seed it planted in every human being. Circular. It is a Gift planted in one and all. A homing device which is intended to find “Abba Father”, Daddy Himself.

It is no coincidence that the Word says; “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

The Word tells us that we are without excuse. The reason for this is simple; We come into this world with a little bit of the Light.

Now, yes, we (some) will pervert that light, negotiate it into anything we wish, Mania, spiritism, mysticism, intellect (oh yes, even intellect), art, and the list goes on…

Fame, celebrity, astrology….

The list goes on; Yes we negotiated it into something which pleased us (temporal and not eternal), preferences….

Sad, very sad, to see what we have done with our hope. The Hope which is completed in Christ, the Son of God. Circularly intended to find its way to God, His Life, waiting for us to complete the Plan intended to Save us, salvage us, for we are born Voided due to our Adamic descendency.

“Science” is but another permutation of what our human psyche has done to the Light, the small fragment of light, Hope entrusted to us upon our entrance into this earthly plane.

In fact, if there is such a thing as true science, it belongs to God, for if man continues to disavow the source of all his drive, his Voidedness within, fueled in the fear inherent of a innate designate, oblivion, discard, and waste, man is poisoned, his mind is poisoned with the inherent despair, driven to counterweigh, negotiate his emptiness into baubles which will evaporate once Eternity winds down.

This continued concept, that man driven out of despair can offer another bid, other than the true winning hand; Jesus Christ upon the Cross, having completed the availing of what is missing by the sons of Adam…

That Concept is fraught with despair and not Hope.

I have written about Hope, ye sons and daughters, hear ye, hear ye….., and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;


6 thoughts on “Keep Hope Alive

  1. I remember when everything in my life was a dance in celebration of death. The very definition of hopelessness is seeing death as the solution and how common that view is in our culture. Death is not the ultimate equalizer or a solution to anything. Life is the solution that humbles mountains and exalts valleys and makes all human beings equal before God. That is hope.

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      1. Yes, it’s a marvelous journey, that of being translated from despair to hope. It is easy to intellectualize it or boil it all down to some carnal form that’s easier for our brains to grasp but it’s better to just be quiet for a few minutes, look back, and see what God has done!

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