Afraid To Think

We humans are afraid to think. Afraid to exercise the gifts attached to the human mind. Is there a good reason for this commonality among the people? Yes, truth be told, this common practice is quite warranted.

You see, the faculties of the mind are like a blessing and a curse.

Along with thinking, what follows is “association”. This is part of the retrieval system of the mind.

Though the mind is an amazing and wonderful tool, it is expedient that there be a price to pay for the use of it.

Here is the next thing to consider: Anxiety

Yes, the flooding of Anxiety which comes when associatively, data, filed away is triggered for examination.

Anxiety is very debilitating. More for some than for others. More for the folks who have distanced themselves greatly from severe traumatic experiences in their lives than for those who have had moderate trauma.

I made it a practice early in life, to subject myself to pondering and thinking about things which triggered anxiety in my being. I would sit alone and invoke anxiety through the utilizing of the corresponding triggers. Sometimes, I used music to do this. Other times, just thoughts. I did not sit and cry. No.

A little credit goes to a book which came across my path. “The Art of Thinking”, by Ernest Dimnet. I think, perhaps out of print today. But, the book is not solely responsible for my deliverance. It played a part yes, and, in the language of the book, you can tell that the author had limitations. But you have to retrieve from it what you can.

It was a help, nonetheless.

In 1989 began my studies which brought me face to face with the “Voidedness Fact”. I know, I understand, people think, why haven’t I published. If you read my posts, you’ll see that I describe myself as an “Obscurity Seeker” (one of the two kinds of people in the world; for the other one see my posts).

That is the reason why I cannot publish. I am constrained. I would not have got so far in my quest, if I made many attempts at “success”. Ironic…..

I was a thinker even as a child. Folks would come upon me and say; “Don’t think too much, for you will go crazy.” Did any one do that to you?

Well, not only do they scare you, with such a remark, but they provoke some, to pursue the practice of thought further.


When employing it, it is probable that you will invoke the Void within. Anxiety will follow, but, Just remember: The Void is merely the thing which needs to be dealt with. Deal with the Void and Anxiety will take care of itself.

The Void’s presence just means: Expiration date

Ownership of self belongs to Oblivion. You want to beat oblivion. You want peace within, You want to belong, you don’t want to end up as discarded waste.

You want Eternal Life.

Uncanny how the message of the Bible has been relegated to None Import, by the human psyche, and all done in a effort to stay clear of the Void Within.

Yes, the practice of Fear of thinking, has owned our running feet. Such great runners we have become. Making absurd and ludicrous things occupy us, fill our hands.

Often I just, with writing, merely attempt to provoke folk to thought, but listen: Trust in Christ, and He will see you through.

Thank you for reading….., and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;


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