“Love” And The “IOL”


IOL= Image Of Lovability

This is a very deep and profound need within the human being. IE Being in possession of a image of self as lovable.

As a infant (provided it is encouraged), the attention a baby gets, indoctrinates the self. Conditions the self. I am lovable; the psyche is driven to conclude.

Yet, this is not with words, that this is concluded, which increases the impress of the actions. This is the reason why we grow up, concluding “love” as a thing clothed with mystique. Mystery, and power. It becomes the “mountain”, the height we wish to assail to. This also loans import to us, identifies us with value. Such a power does it possess, that this thing is competitive against God and His Will. Of course it is not true love. To determine that, all that is needed is to examine its roots.

It gets wrapped in mystique merely because it gets created at the stage where the infant has no language recognized by pedestrian concourse (traffic). But it goes on, as we well know, to become the subject of “great” literature, film and television. An ideal. Clearly you can see, why some don’t do well with this theme; Those who did not have a infancy indoctrinated into the custom of such “attentions”. Their lot was, inattention and perhaps, added cruelty, abuse.

For the latter, it was insecurity rather than security. Because we, who had some attention showered upon us, respond with sentiment, as we conjure, a time, through association, which lacked language, yet it was for that very reason that the sentiment is the more packed with power and mystique. Drive, yes drive, even to the point of profound pain when it is presented with disappointment in future days.

This (above) is why tragedies transpire. A man, or woman is reported in the news to annihilate a whole family, because such an ideal, felt in the soul, buried in the center of our being (without words) in sentiment meets up with contradiction.

Too much of an identification with value, it (that experience in infancy) was, that we set out to renounce all the rest which this “reality” possesses as doctrine, upon its (the indoctrination regarding “love” administered, in infancy) disavowal, removal. Upon a battleground where this idea meets with opposition.

Listen; it is a hard thing to remove a piece of a soul.

And a compact drawn up without words is full of expectations. It becomes a certainty in the heart of a child, not discarded easily as that child becomes a man/woman.

This above, is the power which what we know as “love” possesses. But it is not true love.

But that, ladies and gents is the IOL (Image Of Lovability) we (the “fortunate” ones) get addicted to, accustomed to, grow up in expectation of….

And practice. There is so much more to this, that I hope to come back to this subject, and patch up the holes.

In the meantime……

Do not discount the quotation marks about the word; fortunate. Ponder that, please.

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