A Kiss To Build (hang) A Dream On

Such a powerful song and more meaningful, and telling than some might imagine.

“A kiss to build a dream on”

It sounds more desperate if you substitute the word “hang” for “dream”. Give me a kiss to hang a dream on.

You may hang a picture on the wall. The string or wire might fail, unable to support the weight of that picture. The nail might fail. The screw might fail. The wall upon which the picture hangs might fail. Earthquake, demolition, time, etc..

After all, it was just a dream. Just a dream.

What I wish to sketch, more importantly than all the illustrations I have placed, are several considerations. The following imagery, I submit;

A) The dreamer

B) The profound need of the dream.

C) The entity, thing, etc., which is assigned the correct potential for fulfilling the dream.

And finally,

D) The Dream itself.

I call to your attention our need. We need something to hang a dream on. Something to believe in. What’s more we’d rather hang the dream on another human being, much akin to our wishful thinking that some one should hang a dream upon us.

Oz never did give nothing to the Tin man, that he didn’t, didn’t already have (more song lyrics).

So please, believe in me….(the lyrics to the above song continue).

A kinship. We share an affinity with other humans. Sometimes we see in folks, much of what we would like for them to see in us.

Give me a kiss to build a dream on. I’m the dreamer, I’m the dream builder, just give me “hope”. We intuit our situation. We intuit it because it does not require the proof of words, description. Definition is preceded by knowing, the knowing of intuition.

We therefore are driven out from this core intuiting. Give me a kiss to hang a dream on. I submit, a fatalism in this whole practice, this transaction, the knowing that this is all done in vain. IE: “Don’t wake me, the dream will do me (will suffice).”

Happy with the dream alone, is the message of the song. A core need to hang a dream on something.

This is the mission of the poet. To write beautiful, deep and profound things, thoughts. Reaching for the immortality he knows he is not to know, to traverse.

Don’t fool yourself for one second, there will be no immortality for the works of art man has produced. Nothing but apathy will remain. A forlornness (despair) from God, yes, that some do perish, chose to perish of their own accord.

Allow not that your legacy be that of the wishful thinker. You can do more than that. Don’t hang the dream where it will not bear fruit, dividends. Hang it instead upon the Son of God. The “dream” is your soul. Let it not go out like that.

It is the yearning of the Soul which produces such fatalistic, sad soul searching, plumbing the depths, type of expressions. Bring it to God. Don’t go out into oblivion with resignation. Don’t settle for the memories of a self manufactured drama.

Hang, build your dream upon assurance, upon the Solid Rock. Upon eternity, and not the temporal. Recognize your true need.

https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at https://www.facebook.com/BiblicallyReferencingHumanNature/ And the blog; andnowmiguel.wordpress.com upon eternity.


12 thoughts on “A Kiss To Build (hang) A Dream On

      1. Yes, you are right. The world’s poets write only of romance or angst. Even I have days when I am not inspired but still have the urge to play with words but God makes me unhappy with myself when I write empty words; even though, the world loves me better when I do. Another old song “Nothing plus nothing leaves nothing.” Without God we are just blanks, void of any real purpose. I meant no strife, Miguel nor perceived any.

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      2. Listen, I love it when people I support, point out something (even lightly) of which I was not aware of I had tagged with a little bit of possibly misleading tones. Always must smooth the road between my colleagues and self. Don’t sweat it (I know you’re a big girl), it’s all on me, just Pam. I lost a lot of sleep last night in a effort to get back on schedule. So glad I was awakened to see the possibilities of what I had written. I owe you, though you would wish to discount it.

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      3. I really didn’t take it personally, at all. It made me think and actually, echoed some things I was already mulling. I consider purpose a lot. There is always temptation in any kind of artistic expression to entertain the masses. Artists who care about Truth will never be the most popular. Sometimes, their work lives beyond them and gathers recognition after time but all of it vanishes in the end. Only, the things of God remain. I took no offense. I think the lyrics of this song are amazing because they have the sound of romance but they bring spiritual truths to mind. We all hang dreams on a kiss and those dreams are only, dreams. Vanity. The Void…men build on dreams and God bends them to His purpose. If we surrender to Him, He inspires purposeful dreams.

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      4. I hear ya. I was struck by the lyrics, so inspired, put the thought aside for two days, remembered it and came back and sketched the post. The lyrics are so descriptive of our (humanity’s) plight. They cement the Biblical predicament ascribed to man/woman. If anyone read these comments they will have a supplement, nothing is in vain.

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