“Irrational” Fear

Described, tagged as irrational, yet is this correct? And why is it tagged as irrational?

According to the self ordained powers (accomplished with much authority and credentials), there are rational, and irrational fears.

You should fear if a menacing giant is blasting bad breath in your face describing the color and decorations of the hospital room he is going to have you swiftly transported to in the next minute.

You should (basically) not break out into cold sweat and fear for no apparent reason.

Yet we know that the above does occur to many of us. And there are times when we can attribute it to such things as a public performance, speaking, etc. And other obvious concluded items like debating a point, standing up for ourselves on various subjects. Logical grounds.

I suppose that this all might be categorized as learned behavior. But suppose that the “irrational” fear is a learned behavior. Sure, why can it not be so construed.

Yes, life wants to tell us that some things are logical to fear and some things illogical to fear. Is it not logical then, that a person might fear falling into one category and not the preferred one. Huh, what did I just say?

Just using irony to make a point. After all who can say which will be the straw which breaks the camel’s back. We think we comprehend the human mind. We don’t.

You see, criticism, stress, fear of being adjudged lesser than, fuel the decline, precarious hold the psyche has on the “reality” we have fashioned. Worse, a reality fashioned by folk under pressure, under criticism, mercilessly expecting others to measure up also to their school of indoctrination. Whatever horrors they surmounted, they subject others to. And so they expect to rule among us.

They suffered and so must you.

But if “life” has taught us the things, through indoctrination, we ultimately are conditioned to fear, must there arise a “re-indoctrination”, as if we are ignorant and unlearned, lesser than. And would it be akin to impossible to accomplish this.

Yes, am aware that, all of us do not have a equal chance to undergo a solid, and nurturing childhood experience, one with the correct balance required for emotional stability. Yes, perfection is that hard taskmaster, elusive to “Big Brother”.

You can’t please everyone.

The nature of fear, and not what elicits it, should be the question for the analyst. This is the highpoint of my gripe, my argument for the Analyst.

You see, fear is a Gift. Fear is a Godsend.

It is a inhabiting item. Innate to all of humankind. It is elicited through adverse circumstances which can relate to it associatively. Listen to me…….

When some of us could not frame speech, or language, yes, bad things did occur, and so the only language remaining within to vesture that occurrence was the innate. Fear. Yes, fear already within colored the external indescribable occurrence.

So therefore it is that ephemeral configuration, lost to us, which triggers the relative fear, today, lost to us in time (infancy).

Do we need to undergo hypnosis and uncover the experience? No. No.

We just need the adjunct of Faith.

If you understand, then Faith is empowered. Fear as a innate, a thing you bring to the table, this existence, this life, is there to envelope you, provided a earthly occurrence can serve to disinter it. It is overwhelming, paralyzing, because the complete story to justify its presence to you is not available according to the weights and measures of this, man’s fabricated “reality”.

It is intuited, and so it is frightful. Consider that this whole “platform”, life has been erected by us to run away from the truth, significance of this message.

We are a flawed creation, and that thing which you discount, IE The Biblical Account of the Fall of Man is True.

We are designated for waste, discard, and fear from the deep fiber of our being attests to this truth.

You must believe in Jesus, and that must be done with a correct understanding. A correct knowledge.

https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at https://www.facebook.com/BiblicallyReferencingHumanNature/ And the blog; andnowmiguel.wordpress.com


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